Ally Bank Routing Number

ally bank routing number

Are you utilizing an Ally Bank account to make or receive an international or domestic wire transfer in the US? Make sure your money is delivered with the correct routing number.

Things that can require you to know your routing number:

  • Sending money
  • Completing a wire transfer
  • Setting up direct deposit with your employer

Customer service:  1 (877) 383-4802

Headquarters: McLean, VA

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Ally Bank routing numbers for wire transfers

The routing number for Ally Bank for domestic and international wire transfers is 124003116. If you’re making a wire transfer within the United States, you’ll need only the wire routing number listed in this table. If you’re making an international wire transfer, you’ll also require a Swift Code.

Type of wire transferCapital One Bank routing number
Domestic Wire Transfer124003116
International Wire Transfer to Ally Bank account in the USA124003116

What is a routing number?

The USA’s financial institutions utilize routing numbers to distinguish themselves. They are composed of nine digits and are often called routing numbers. They are also known as ABA routing numbers or RTNs. 

It is imperative to note that the Federal Reserve Banks need routing numbers to handle Fedwire money transfers. Additionally, the ACH network also requires routing numbers to process electronic money transfers, such as direct deposits as well as bill payments.

Look up Ally Bank routing numbers for:

  • Wire transfer routing numbers
  • ACH payments routing numbers
  • Capital One checking and savings account routing number

Ally Bank routing number for ACH transfers

It is important to note that the ACH routing number has to be provided for the purpose of making the ACH transfer on Any Ally Bank account. If you want to send an international ACH transfer, you’ll have to enter an ACH routing number of 124003116.

It is necessary to include an ACH routing number while making the ACH payment to an Ally Bank account.

What do routing numbers accomplish?

Credit unions and banks use routing numbers for all kinds and varieties of transactions in the financial sector. You may find that you’ll require one for any or all of the following:

  • Make a direct transfer to pay for your expenses regularly by using your Ally account
  • Salary or pension payments can be transferred into your account
  • You can pay with a check
  • Create a wire transfer, or the ACH transfer to a person in the US  

What Ally Bank routing number should you choose?

The routing number you will need is contingent on the type of transaction. You may require one number to make ACH transfers as well as another number to set automatized payment of bills.

A bank may have several different routing numbers, but these aren’t exchanged with any other bank. This ensures that your payment is made in the exact spot it was meant to go.

Search for Ally Bank ABA routing numbers to:

  • Wire transfer routing numbers
  • ACH payments routing numbers
  • Capital One checking and savings account routing number

How can you locate the routing number of your Ally Bank routing number

If you’ve got a Capital One to check handy, you’ll locate your routing number quickly. Here’s how to find it. All you have to do is get the routing code.

Are you trying to find information on routing via Ally Bank? Here’s the information you require.

Below is a list of multiple places you can find your routing number.

  1. Bottom left corner of check
  2. Bank monthly statement and e-statement
  3. Calling your bank (Bank number is 800-435-4000.)
  4. Your bank’s website
  5. Online banking portal or mobile app
  6. The Federal Reserve’s Banks E-Payments Routing Directory
ABA Routing Number - Find on Checks & Search Database of Routing Numbers |  American Bankers Association
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Following are some ways to find your routing number on the internet:

  • On this page- we’ve provided the Ally routing codes for checking accounts and wire transfers.
  • Ally Online Banking- The user can find the routing number once they sign in to their online bank account.
  • The statement or checks- From the Ally bank Checks or through bank statements
  • Fedwire- It is possible to get your routing details on the Official Federal reserve site.

The routing number you provide is needed to ensure that your payment is delivered to the intended recipient in a safe and secure manner. This is an excellent starting point to locate your Ally routing number. It is worth looking up the correct account number and address at your bank or the recipient.

What’s the distinction between SWIFT codes BICs, Routing numbers, and IBANs?

Banks use confusing financial jargon. Here’s a simple explanation.

You’ll need details to send or receive wire transfers, whether inside the US or abroad.

Routing numbers help banks identify themselves when making domestic ACH wire transactions or wire transfers. But, only in the United States. You don’t have to use one if you’re like paying someone you have met in France

Swift numbers: Just like routing numbers, these numbers are also used to give details about financial institutions as well as banks. These numbers are used to facilitate international transactions and are sometimes called BIC codes.

IBANs (international number of bank accounts): can be used for identifying an individual’s bank accounts. Banks use them throughout Europe. But, institutions from different regions around the globe are starting to adopt these cards too.

About The Bank

Ally Financial Inc. is a top firm in digital financial services. It is a Member of FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender. Ally Bank is changing the online banking landscape by offering innovative digital experiences. Their award-winning internet bank provides home loans and a full range of banking products, including savings, money market, checking deposits in certificates (CDs), and personal retirement accounts (IRAs).

 They also provide securities brokerage and investment-advisory solutions via Ally Invest(r), and our extensive corporate finance department provides capital to middle-market companies and equity sponsors.

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