Grow Financial Routing Number

Are you utilizing a Grow account in the US to transfer or send an international or domestic wire transfer? Make sure your money is delivered with the correct routing number.

Things that can require you to know your routing number:

  • Sending money
  • Completing a wire transfer
  • Setting up direct deposit with your employer

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Grow Financial routing numbers for wire transfers

The routing number of Grow Financial for domestic and international wire transfers is 263182914. If you’re making a domestic wire transfer, you’ll only need the wire routing numbers in this table. If you’re making an international transfer, you’ll also require a Swift Code

Type of wire transferPNC routing number
Domestic Wire Transfer263182914
International Wire Transfer to Grow Financial account in the USA263182914

What is a routing number?

The banks of the USA and other financial institutions use routing numbers to differentiate and distinguish themselves. They’re made up of 9 digits and are sometimes referred to as the routing transit number. They’re also known as ABA routing numbers as well as RTNs.

It is vital to know that Federal Reserve Banks need routing numbers to handle Fedwire money transfers. In addition, the ACH network requires routing numbers to manage electronic money transfers, like direct deposits as well as bill payments.

Grow Financial routing number for ACH transfers

An ACH routing number needs to be entered when making the ACH transfer into every Grow Financial account. For domestic ACH transfer, you’ll have to enter your ACH routing number of 263182914.

It is necessary to incorporate your ACH routing code when you send the ACH payment to every Grow account.

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Purpose of Routing Numbers

Banks and credit unions utilize routing numbers to facilitate all types of transactions in the financial sector. They may need one in order to complete one among the following tasks:

  • Get payments such as your salary or pension into your Grow financial account
  • Make a payment using an actual check
  • Transfer money via wire transfer or ACH payment to a person within the US
  • Make direct deposit to pay your bills on a regular basis using the Grow Financial account

Which PNC routing number should you use?

The routing number that you’ll require is contingent on the kind of transaction. It is likely that you’ll require a specific number for ACH transfers and another for automatic payments for bills.

A bank might have different routing numbers. However, they’re not shared with other banks. This guarantees that your money is sent precisely where it’s meant to be.

Check out Grow ABA routing numbers for:

  • ACH Pay routing code
  • The wire transfer routing code

How to Find Grow Financial Routing Number

Below is a list of multiple places you can find your routing number.

  1. Bottom left corner of check
  2. Bank monthly statement and e-statement
  3. Calling your bank (PNC Bank number is 1 (800) 839-6328.)
  4. Your bank’s website
  5. Online banking portal or mobile app
  6. The Federal Reserve’s Banks E-Payments Routing Directory
ABA Routing Number - Find on Checks & Search Database of Routing Numbers |  American Bankers Association
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If you have a Grow finacial check, then you’ll be able to find your routing number with ease. This is how you can find it. All there is to find your routing number.

Are you trying to locate the routing numbers of Grow financial? Here’s everything you should be aware of.

How can you locate the Grow Financial routing number online?

Here are some ways to locate your number online:

  • On this webpage, you will find listings of Grow Financial routing numbers for checking accounts, as well as wire transfer numbers.
  • Grow Financial online banking, you’ll be able to identify your routing number after you log in to the online bank account.
  • Grow financial-issued checks or bank statements.
  • Fedwire, You can look up your routing details on this official site of the Federal Reserve.  

A routing code is required to ensure that the transaction is delivered to the recipient in a safe and secure manner. This page can be a great starting point to locate the Grow financial routing number. You should verify an accurate address as well as account numbers at your bank or from the recipient.

Banks love to confuse customers by using financial terminology. Here’s a simple explanation.

Routing numbers, SWIFT codes, BIC and IBANs?

There are a few conditions for wire transfers in the US or abroad.

Routing numbers assist banks in identifying their own when they process transactions for domestic ACH wire transfers or payment for transactions inside the United States. There is no need to use one if you’re dealing with someone from France, for example.

Swift Code and routing numbers can also be utilized to provide information on banks and financial institutions. These codes are utilized for international transactions. 

IBANs (international banking account numbers) give the bank’s individual account information. A range of banks in Europe offers these numbers, but banks from all over the world are now accepting IBANs as well.

About The Bank

Grow Financial is committed to fulfilling customers’ financial and banking service needs. They are committed to promoting accessibility and diversity, as well as inclusion. They offer the most accessible, barrier-free environment at their branches for its customer. They have a wide network of branches across West Central Florida and the Columbia and Charleston areas within South Carolina. Additionally, there are 70,000 free surcharges ATMs across the nation, which you can utilize, meaning you’ll never be too far away from cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grow Financial have an app?

Yes, it has an app both for android and apple users. The user-friendly features allow you to manage your banking needs anytime, anywhere, and with the ease of a fingertip.

How do I find my routing number for Grow Financial?

The routing number for Grow financial is63182914. You can locate it through online banking account, Grow Financial checks, online bank statement, or get it from the Federal reserve official website.

Is Grow Financial only in Florida?

Grow Financial stores and ATMs are located all over West Central Florida and the Columbia and Charleston areas within South Carolina. 

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