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USAA bank

Are you using the USAA Account to make or receive an international or domestic wire transfer in the US? If yes, ensure that your transfer is received using the correct routing number.

Things that can require you to know your routing number:

  • Sending money
  • Completing a wire transfer
  • Setting up direct deposit with your employer

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USAA routing codes for wire transfers

The routing code for USAA for international and domestic wire transfers is 314074269.

Check the wire routing number listed below if you’re making a domestic wire transfer. However, if you’re making a wire transfer to an international destination, the name will be “for further credit” transfer. The bank will transfer the money through an intermediary bank before transferring it to the final beneficiary recipient.

Type of wire transferUSAA routing number
Domestic Wire Transfer314074269
International Wire Transfer as FFC to USAA account in the USA314074269

What is meant by routing number?

Banks and other financial institutions use routing numbers to identify themselves in the US. They are composed of 9 digits. Furthermore, they are also known as routing transit numbers, ABA routing numbers, or RTNs.

The Federal Reserve Banks need routing numbers to manage Fedwire funds transfers. They also require routing numbers for the ACH network to process electronic transfers. For instance, you might need it for direct deposits and bill payments.

Look up USAA routing numbers to:

  • ACH payments routing numbers
  • Wire transfer routing number

USAA routing number to make ACH transfers

You need an ACH routing number to make an ACH transfer from a USAA account. You’ll have to enter 314074269 for an international ACH transfer. Also, you need to provide your ACH routing numbers when sending your ACH payment to any USAA account.

What are the routing numbers used for?

Banks use routing numbers to facilitate all kinds of financial transactions. So, if you wish to carry out one among the following:

  • Make a direct deposit or pay bills regularly using your USAA account
  • Receive your pension or salary in your account
  • Pay checks in cash
  • Send a wire transfer or an ACH transfer to someone located in the US

The USAA routing code should you select?

The USAA routing number you’ll need will depend on the transaction. For example, you may require one number to make ACH transfers and another number to set automatized payment of bills.

A bank could have multiple routing codes; however, these aren’t exchanged with any other bank. This is so that your money will reach precisely where you intended it to go.

Look up USAA routing numbers to:

  • ACH payments routing numbers
  • Wire transfer routing number

How to Find USAA Bank Routing Number

If you’ve got a USAA check on hand, here’s how to easily locate the routing number of your choice. 

Are you trying to find information on routing via USAA? Here’s the information you require.

Below is a list of multiple places you can find your routing number.

  1. Bottom left corner of check
  2. Bank monthly statement and e-statement
  3. Calling your bank
  4. Your bank’s website
  5. Online banking portal or mobile app
  6. The Federal Reserve’s Banks E-Payments Routing Directory
ABA Routing Number - Find on Checks & Search Database of Routing Numbers |  American Bankers Association
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Here are a few ways to find your routing number on the internet:

  • On this webpage: We’ve provided our USAA routing code for check accounts and wire transfers.
  • USAA Online banking: You’ll be able to access your USAA routing number when you log in to your online banking.
  • Statement or check: A check issued by the USAA or a bank statement.
  • Fedwire: You can search for your routing information at the official website of the Federal Reserve.

The routing number ensures that your payment gets to its intended recipient safely and securely. So, this page is an excellent place to search for your USAA Bank routing number. Also, it’s worth checking for the correct bank account and routing numbers with your bank or recipient.

How do you distinguish a routing code SWIFT codes, BICs, and IBANs?

Banks love confusing financial jargon. So here’s a clear explanation. Overall, there are a few requirements to make or receive wire transfers, either in the US or overseas.

Routing numbers assist banks in processing domestic ACH wire transfers or payments. However, only within the United States. It’s not necessary to pay someone in another country such as France.

SWIFT numbers and routing numbers provide information about financial institutions and banks. You can also use them for international transactions. They’re also known informally as BIC codes.

IBANs (international bank account numbers) are used to identify the bank accounts of individuals. They’re issued by banks across Europe and elsewhere. However, banks around the globe are beginning to use them too.

About The Bank

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is located in San Antonio. The company was established around 1922 by a group of 25 US Army officers. The purpose was to provide mutual self-insurance if they could not obtain auto insurance. 

Since then, USAA has provided investment, banking, and insurance to current and former military personnel and their families. Recently, the company was ranked number 100 on the latest Fortune 500 list of the most influential United States corporations by total revenue. 

To sum up, the company is a diversified financial services group that includes a Texas Department of Insurance-controlled reciprocal exchange. In 2020, it has over 13 million customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is USAA Bank a real bank?

Yes, USAA Bank is a real bank. It is a national bank chartered by the federal government and regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. USAA Bank deposits are FDIC insured. You can open an account online and deposit money into your account just like any other bank. However, USAA Bank doesn’t have any physical branches where you can go and do your banking in person. All transactions are done online or through their mobile app.

USAA Bank offers checking and savings accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, credit cards, auto loans, home loans, personal loans, and more. They also have an investment brokerage service where you can invest in stocks, mutual funds,

Are all USAA routing numbers the same?

The short answer is yes, all USAA routing numbers are the same. They’re all “321174851.”
But that doesn’t tell the whole story. You see, USAA isn’t like a traditional bank. It’s what’s known as a direct bank, which means it doesn’t have any brick-and-mortar branches.

Instead, it relies on a nationwide network of ATMs and partnering banks that members can use to access their accounts. And each of those partners has its own routing number.

What is my USAA account number?

Your USAA account number can be found on your statements or by logging into your online account. If you’re having trouble finding it, simply call USAA customer service at 800-531-8722 and a representative will help you out. Thanks for reaching out!

Is USAA Bank for military only?

No, USAA is not for military only. While USAA does have roots in the military, membership is now open to all who are serving or have served our country, including the National Guard and Reserve. As of early 2020, we served over 13 million members from all branches of the military. We’re here to help you with banking, insurance and investment needs – whether you’re serving today or retired. Visit our website to learn more and become a member. Thank you for your service!

How much does it cost to join USAA?

There is no membership fee to join USAA, nor are there any minimum balance requirements. You can simply open an account and start using their banking, insurance, and investment services. That said, there may be fees associated with certain products and services – for example, you may be charged a monthly fee for a checking account or a commission on stock trades. But overall, USAA is very affordable and a great value for the money.

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