Best Golf Grips

Golf grips tend to get ignored at times by many golfers. But if you have the right kind of grip, they will change how your club feels in your hands and can even imporve your game.

If you have a hard time holding onto your clubs for any reason, you need a quality set of golf grips. Then, whether you have sweaty hands or cold, you will hold onto your clubs and play your shots more confidently with increased control. 

But which grips to buy, as the market has so many of them? 

We are reviewing the top 10 best golf grips for your convenience to help you in making an informed decision, so keep reading. 

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Top 10 Best Golf Grips Reviewed

Superstroke Traxion Golf Grips – Best Overall 

The SuperStroke Traxion golf grips are great for feedback and stability. They are all about even hand pressure. You won’t notice any excessive pressure on one particular area. 

These budget-friendly grips are available in different colors and size options. They come with an advanced surface texture that comes with tack and feedback. You will notice that these gold grips are incredibly responsive in this category. 

There are X-shaped trades on these grips that will focus on the high sensory areas of your hands. As a result, it will enhance your comfort and grip. Plus, with the multi-layer grip design, it’s all about performance. 

The outer layer is tackier and ensures a better grip. In contrast, the firm rubber core ensures feedback and response, helping you make those shots more accurately with better control. 


  • Minimal taper tour-inspired design.
  • X-shaped treads in specific sensory areas. 
  • Multi-layer grip design to ensure a tackier external layer. 
  • Stable inner core. 


  • Do tend to wear out over time. 

Kingrasp Golf Grips – Best Grip For Irons

Kingrasp grips are all about stability and are made of all-weather cord rubber. They look pretty nice and perform even better thanks to their natural rubber and cotton thread design technology. 

For the more technical golf players out there, these grips are just the right option. Their construction includes natural rubber and cotton threads. So, they will handle moisture and provide you with the much-needed traction that you are looking for. 

These all-weather grips are very easy to install, but they don’t have additional tapes on installation kits. The soft texture of these grips will improve your overall feedback and provide you with the right stickiness. Moreover, these grips won’t slip in your hand no matter what the conditions are. 


  • Made of high-quality rubber and cotton threads.
  • All-weather design to deliver top-notch performance. 
  • You can go for different colors and sizes.
  • Absorb impact and keep your hands comfortable. 


  • Don’t come with any tapes or installation kits. 

Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grips – Best Grip For Drivers

This premium-quality golf grip package is all about performance and durability. Available in different sizes and colors, these grips will provide you with an unmatchable feel. You won’t get any extra tapes on installation kits. However, the grips themselves are extraordinary with their durable rubber and anti-slip construction.  

If you are more serious about your game, these grips are suitable for you. Winn has used quality rubber to construct these grips, and it won’t deteriorate over time. The package includes nine grips, and they all provide a highly responsive feel with excellent control.

If you are more into those high-powered drives, then these grips are for you. You will be in total control of your shots no matter what the conditions are. In addition, these grips tend to dry up fast even if your hands are sweaty, so they are excellent all-weather golf grips. 


  • Durable rubber is used in construction. 
  • An anti-slip grip ensures better traction and control. 
  • Absorb moisture to guarantee high all-weather performance. 


  • No installation kits or tapes are included in your purchase. 

Champkey Traction-X Golf Grips – Best Budget Option

The Traction-X gold grips pack includes 13 grips and offers high traction during your high-powered shots. This package also includes tapes and fitting kits for your convenience. Different color and size options are also available. Quality property rubber is used in the construction. It’s a top choice for beginners and intermediate players. 

If you are a new golfer and like to work on your game, you need to go with these grips because these grips are made of abrasion-resistant quality rubber. 

There are three different kinds of microtexture in the construction of these grips. Champkey has done this to improve the overall feel and traction in your hand. These grips have a conventional taper profile to keep them on the lighter side. It means that you will have to deal with less tension and more fluidity. 

Your package comes with a complete installation kit, and you won’t have to purchase any tapes separately.


  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. 
  • Three different kinds of micro-texture. 
  • Quality rubber that is highly responsive and reduces tensions. 
  • Features installation kit with 15 separate tapes and re-gripping instructions. 


  • Take a bit of time to break-in.

Lamkin Sonar Golf Grips – Best Premium Option

These grips come with an ambidextrous construction. Therefore, they are great for both left and right-handed players. However, if different players in your group will use a club, this is the grip that you need to go for. 

Whether you are a left-handed or right-handed player, you can use this grip comfortably. It is made of a hybrid compound that is softer as compared to traditional rubbers. But that doesn’t mean you will have to compose on durability. 

These grips ensure exceptional torsion control and can handle moisture well. You will get that responsive feel with tackiness, and their design looks fabulous too. 


  • Made of a hybrid compound to ensure better gripping. 
  • All-weather anti-slipping properties. 
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed players 
  • The design is pretty eye-catching. 


  • Installation takes a bit of time. 

G&CC Golf Grips – Best Midsize Option

These all-weather grips have moisture control threads in them to keep your hands dry no matter what the conditions are. The rubber they have used here also features a carbon yard to make these grips more durable and slip-resistant. 

G&CC grips come with multi-compound construction. It means that the G&CC has used quality rubber and carbon yards to construct and develop these grips. Therefore, they are excellent when it comes to moisture absorption and ensuring better control over your shots. 

The second half of the grip is thicker to make you feel the grip even lighter. This grip is excellent for both men and women. 


  • Cool looking design. 
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Durable rubber with carbon thread.
  • Absorbs moisture and ensures better gripping. 


  • A bit tough to install.

Geoleap Ace-R Golf Grips – Best Multi-Compound Construction

The Ace-R golf grips are best when it comes to multi-compound construction. They come with improved back-rib control, and the credit for that also goes to the multi-compound rubber used in the construction. 

This grip is all about its design that features multiple compounds. The upper section of the grip is all-natural rubber that is integrated with brushed cotton threads. The blend is made using synthetic technology, and it can improve the overall anti-slip nature of this grip. Moreover, this grip can take the swing effect well. 

A ribbed design at the back of the grip helps improve your control over the club and allows you to perform better in your game. Moreover, the lower section of the grip is larger for more comfort. And it features additional wraps giving you more top-handed control for precision in your shots. 


  • Multi-compound construction for better grip and comfort. 
  • Made of durable rubber.
  • Absorbs moisture pretty fast. 
  • The larger grip on the lower hand for better top handle driving. 


  • The grip might feel a bit too tapered for some

Yamato Arthritic Golf Grips – Best For Arthritis

These grips are specifically designed for men and women with arthritis, and they focus on keeping a lighter pressure. Furthermore, they have a unique texture to keep your muscles engaged and allow you to control all your shots. 

These grips are excellent for anyone who has arthritis or any other similar medical condition. Having trouble holding your club, then use these grips, and you will feel much more comfortable. The grips are made of rubber texture that will keep pressure off your hands. 

It will also improve your grip and will prevent any slippage. This grip also can absorb impact and keep your muscles relaxed at all times during those high-powered shots. Thanks to their oversized design, you can comfortably hold your clubs just the way you want them. 


  • Excellent shock absorption. 
  • Nibbed texture to keep pressure on the light side. 
  • Installation is pretty simple. 
  • Reduced grip tapering. 


  • Only suitable for people with any medical conditions 

Karma Super Light Golf Grips – Best Oversized

It is the best golf grip you can find on the market if you are looking for oversized grips. They are pretty easy to install and are made of highly durable rubber. They also keep traction and maximum to put you in control of your shots. 

The grips are very easy to install, and with their oversized design, you can use them for drivers and long clubs. They are great for power shots and will ensure better grip no matter what the conditions are. 

They can absorb moisture very fast, regardless of how sweaty your hands are. These grips are made of durable rubber, and they are not going to deteriorate over time. The grips work very well for all players with different skill sets. The grips are lightweight and feel nice in your hands. 


  • Easy to install.
  • Ensure improved gripping. 
  • Provide better control. 
  • Durable and long-lasting. 


  • Not suitable for thinner irons. 

Saplize Golf Grips 

This pack includes 15 grips and a re-gripping kit. The standard-sized grips feature anti-slip rubber that will give you an ergonomic shape feel and enable you to hold onto your clubs with total control. 

Due to the use of quality rubber, you will have total control over your shots, and you won’t feel like losing your club during those high-powered shots. 

The length of these grips is 10.6 inches. But make sure that your club’s diameter is under 0.6 inches, or these grips will not fit. The design looks pretty sleek with those light-colored arrows on pure black colored rubber.

Shock absorption is right up there with these grips, and these grips are excellent for all weather conditions. 


  • Two different color and size options. 
  • Fifteen free grips tapes included. 
  • Superb quality rubber used. 
  • Weather and abrasion-resistant performance. 


  • Only fit clubs with a diameter of 0.6 inches or lower. 

Golf Grip Buying Guide

We have highlighted some crucial features that you need to keep in mind when buying these grips. 


There are two different kinds of grips. You can either go for the full rubber grip or choose a tour wrap. Full rubber grips are more traditional, and they have rubber to ensure better grip. 

Tour wraps are designed for golfers to get a feel as if they dig into their clubs. These grips are more subtle and smooth in their feel. 


The latest technology that has improved the feel of these gold grips is tackiness. With this feeling, you will notice that your hands are almost stuck in the club. 

It will allow you to reduce your gripping pressure and work for your hands with more comfort. Some grips have a softer feel if you are looking for more cushions for your hands. Cord-style grips are rough on the hands, but they are much better for those high-powered shots. 


Different sizes of these grips are available, and you can go for either standard, oversized, midsize, or undersize. You need to pick the right size based on your hand size. Size also contributes towards the overall eight of your club, so you need to pick wisely. 


Performance might be more critical, but there is nothing wrong with looking more fashionable on the field out there. The good thing is that these grips are available in a range of different designs and looks. 

Some even come with custom finishes. But if you can’t find your favorite grip in a particular color, focus on the performance, and leave the looks behind. 


Without a doubt, the best golf grips available today are the Superstroke Traxion golf grips. These are made of high-quality rubber and come with installation kits. 

Golf grips are pretty handy, and they can significantly improve your game. You will get plenty of control and traction and make your spots more precise if you have the correct grip on your irons.  

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