Best Longboard Brands

Are you looking for a new longboard and searching for the best longboard brands? You need to keep one thing in mind that not all longboards are alike. You need to decide based on your riding style when purchasing a longboard.

There are different riding styles, including freeriding, cruising, downhill, dancing. And there is another type of longboard for all these riding styles. 

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To help you make an informed decision, we have reviewed the best longboard brands. 

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Best Longboards Brands of 2021

1. Retrospec Zed – Best Overall (carving and cruising)

Retrospec Zed - Best longboard brands Overall (carving and cruising)

Retrospec longboard pays homage to the old 1950s styles. Therefore, it has that classic feel and design. These longboards are great for carving and cruising. 

This pintail longboard is available in several different colors, and you can pick one according to your preferences and liking. And the best part is that this board comes with anti-bite technology to prevent wheel wells from eradicating with any grab. 

The wheels of the board are made of 85A PU and have a rock finish on them. So, they are pretty sturdy and can last for a long time. There are precision ball bearings used for this board, and they come with 7 tolerance grades. 

It means they are great for high speeds and accuracy if you look to bring in some adventure in your ride. 

This board is made of 8-ply Canadian maple, and it is 44-inch long. The maple wood has been infused with bamboo to make the hybrid more pliable and stronger. Your board will come fully assembled and ride right out of the box. 


  • Made of bamboo and maple wood infusion. 
  • Durable and long-lasting performance. 
  • Resilient wheels made of polyurethane. 
  • Excellent for cruising and carving. 
  • Anti-bite technology prevents wheel biting. 


  • Most suitable for beginners.

2. Black Longboard – Best for Versatility

Black Longboard - Best longboard brands for Versatility

This highly versatile longboard is capable of all kinds of ride styles. Plus, it comes with a very stylish-looking design right at the bottom. The company has used exotic wood to construct this board, and it features a Canadian maple core. 

There are two different designs available in this: one is named the Samurai, while the other is the Trident. The board is 38 inches long, with the deck featuring Brazilian rosewood. It has a beautiful finish on top and at the bottom. 

Its deck is a drop-through drop-down, and with this design, you will get lowered towards the ground on your ride for a more comfortable experience. Thanks to the laser-cut grip, your feet will stay on the board with an excellent grip. 

This board is pretty rugged but still extremely lightweight. This is all due to those aluminum trucks underneath the board that are 7-inches in length. These trucks also come with high rebound bushings to make sure you can carve as comfortably as possible.

There are bug wheels on this board to make sure that you experience a grippy ride and can perform a variety of tricks on it as well. Thanks to the ABEC 9 bearings with spacers, the rolling remains effortless to ensure a smooth ride with minimal effort. 


  • Board is made of exotic Brazilian Rosewood and Canadian Maple. 
  • The board flowers keep you comfortable and prevent wheel bite.
  • Lightweight and durable construction. 
  • Comes in two different designs.
  • Hooligan wheels roll smoothly. 


  • Best if used by experts.

3. APOLLO Longboard – Best for freeriding and speeds

APOLLO Longboard - Best longboard brands for freeriding and speeds

Apollo is made for speed and freeriding. It’s all about speeding, thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum trucks underneath the board. In addition, the wheels attached to this board are of polyurethane, and they are also highly durable. 

You are in it for a very comfortable ride. Apollo has used three different layers of bamboo core in constructing this board to make it flex very well. In addition to that, the panel is layered with fiberglass from top to bottom. 

With this board under your feet, you can conquer the streets. Thanks to its drop-through design, this longboard works just right for you whether you are an experienced rider or a newbie. In addition, you will have a low center of gravity that will allow you to control the board. 

Apart from that, there are ABEC 9 bearings used to go with the wheels to make sure you can control the board precisely, even at higher speeds. 

Your purchase will also include a T-tool to adjust the trucks and their stiffness according to your preferences. In addition, you will also get a 2-year warranty on your board that will cover any design or material flaws in your board. 


  • Different sizes and designs are available. 
  • Coved under a 2-year warranty. 
  • Aluminum trucks make sure that the boards stay strong while carving. 
  • A very versatile board that any rider with different expertise can use. 
  • 3-layered bamboo core with fiberglass sheet top and bottom. 


  • Not suitable for heavy riders. 

4. Santa Cruz Lion God – Best for Freeriding and Cruising

Santa Cruz Lion God - Best longboard brands for Freeriding and Cruising

This longboard will allow you to make a statement in the circuit for sure. Although it is designed for freeriding, you can also use it for cruising. It comes with a long 40-inch deck and is made of quality maple wood. 

The drop-through design offers you a low center of gravity so you can maneuver your board to perform different stunts. 

Santa Cruz has used high-quality trucks and wheels that make the longboard durable. And the good thing is your longboard comes ready to ride straight out of the box. So, you don’t need to go through any assembly process whatsoever. 

This board is incredibly durable, and it comes with a load capacity of 250 lbs. So, even the bulkier riders can have fun on this one. 

The maple wood used in this longboard is 8-ply, and it can hold itself well as you ride through your course. But you need to keep in mind that it has a stiff concave back. The grip tape is pretty sturdy, and it will hold your feet in place. 


  • Pretty nice-looking longboard. 
  • Excellent for freeriding as well as cruising.
  • Features 8 ply maple wood.
  • Aluminum trucks are highly durable and ensure easy carving. 
  • A good choice for bulkier riders. 


  • Only one design and size are available. 

5. Magneto Kicktail Cruiser – Best for Beginners

Magneto Kicktail Cruiser - Best longboard brand for Beginners

This is an easy-on-pocket, beginner-friendly longboard suitable for teens and adults. You will not get many design options here, but you will surely get some color variations. This longboard comes in black, blue, or red wheels. 

It has a very simple and basic design, and the board is an infusion of bamboo and aluminum. Its length is 44 inches, and it’s a great choice for cruising along the streets. However, as it is not designed for maneuvers and stuff, however it is a top choice for beginners. Though it still features a kicktail which makes it somewhat suitable for different riding styles. 

It features nice and soft wheels that are great even on rougher roads. The bushings on the wheels come with medium stiffness. So, this board is a great choice for cruising. It has a lightweight design to carry with you on your travel adventures. 

The trucks present under this board are of aluminum. So, they can hold very well. In addition, there are soft urethane wheels on this longboard, and they ensure excellent road grips. So, carving will be a lot of fun on this one. 

This longboard does manage a very comfortable riding style for all riders. But it’s not the most preferred choice for bulky riders. However, if you are new to longboarding and are learning to develop some new skills, this board will be a good voice. 


  • Excellent for beginners. 
  • Unisex design that keeps it simple. 
  • Kicktail at the back makes it a good choice for different styles. 
  • A top choice for cruising along the streets. 
  • Aluminum trucks make it much sturdier. 


  • Not many design options. 

6. Playshion Drop Through – Best for Durability 

Playshion Drop Through - Best longboard brand for Durability

This heavy-duty longboard is built to last and looks pretty nice. With that beautiful black top board and designed bottom, this longboard is undoubtedly a class apart. And it’s created quite sturdy as well. The deck is 39 inches long and is of high-quality maple wood. 

Apart from that, the wheels are made of polyurethane, while the trucks are of aluminum. This longboard makes an effort to keep the weight down. Meaning that maneuverability is going to be fun on this longboard. 

It’s a pretty sturdy longboard, and it can easily hold up to 250 lbs. I mean, you can ride it even if you are a heavyweight. The board is made of flexible and strong 8-ply maple wood, and if you’re looking for a board on which you can learn some new tricks, this is the right option for you. 

It features drop-through technology that will allow you to ride this board for as long as you want comfortably. So, your fit will stick to it comfortably, and you can even learn some new skills if you wish. 

It also comes with a T-tool that will allow you to comfortably make adjustments to your trucks according to your weight and rigid style. For example, if you prefer cruising, you can go for half stiff trucks, and if you like carving, you should go for stiff trucks. 


  • This longboard is pretty sturdy and flexible. 
  • Looks great with its back and top. 
  • Features 8-ply maple wood that stays flexible and sturdy. 
  • Cows with a T-tool for any adjustments to the trucks. 
  • Polyurethane wheels offer excellent rip on uneven surfaces. 


  • No color, design, or size options are available. 

7. Volador Freeride – Best for Advanced Riders

Volador Freeride - Best longboard brands for Advanced Riders

This 42-inch longboard is a top choice for advanced and passionate longboarders out there. It is available in a vast array of designs but only in a single size. If you are looking for a longboard with a style statement, this is it.

But that is not all! 

This longboard is a top choice for freeriding. However, you can also use it for other riding styles such as dancing, cruising, and downhill. 

The deck of this board is of rock-solid maple wood, while the wheels are made of PU. Volador has also included aluminum trucks to keep them sturdy yet lightweight. There are ABEC 9 bearings on these longboards, and they allow you to keep in control of your ride. 

This longboard also comes with a weight capacity of 250 lbs but only weighs 6 lbs, so it’s a great choice for traveling and carrying around. In addition, this board does come with plenty of shock absorption, and there is a lot of flexibility. 


  • Available in beautiful designs. 
  • Made of 8ply Hardrock maple wood. 
  • Aluminum trucks provide sturdiness and responsiveness. 
  • Suitable for expert riders.
  • The wheels are made of polyurethane for excellent ground-gripping and traction.  


  • Only one size is available. 

Longboard Brands Buying Guide

There are some critical features to consider before choosing to buy from the best longboard brands out there. Let’s have a look at those features one by one. 

Skill level

Consider your skill level first. You will find different boards suitable for other riders based on their skills. You can find longboards for beginners, professions, and intermediates. 

Riding style

You also need to focus on your riding style. If you like to ride at speeds, you should go for longer boards. For downhill, you will perhaps look at some shorter boards with sturdy trucks. Freeriding boards are sturdier and allow you to perform different stunts. 


There are two shapes; directional and symmetrical. The directional shape is suitable for speeds and downhill. However, this design will need more control and stability. 

In comparison, symmetrical design is great for freeriding dancing and various tricks. 


With longer boards, you will get more stability during your dies. Shorter boards come with more flex and are best for quicker turns. 

Longboard wheel

Wheels are critical, and you need to choose the right ones based on what you will do with your boards. Make sure to go for robust wheels that offer good ground grip and high response. 

Protective Gear

Staying safe is important, especially if you are cruising in bombing hills or city streets, then you need to have proper safety gear on. A helmet is a must here, along with knee and elbow guards. 


There you have it. The best longboard brands available on the market today is the Retrospec Zed. It is available in different designs, colors, and sizes. This board is a top choice for beginners, while advanced users can also use it for cruising. However, before you finalize your choice, make sure you assess your riding style and skill level to find the right kind of longboard. 

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