Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

Looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for those long shifts while standing on concrete floors at work? You need a comfy pair that keeps your feet relaxed and sore-free. You can’t just wear any shoes for walking on concrete because they will tear up in no time.

Finding the right pair can be pretty tough as there are so many different options available. Therefore, we have compiled the reviews of the best shoes for walking on concrete. 

Let’s find a comfortable pair for your feet. 

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7 Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete 2021

1. Slow Man Women’s Shoes – Best Overall for Women

Slow Man Women's Shoes - Best Overall for Women walking on concrete

There is plenty of cushioning in these shoes, and they are extremely comfortable to wear all day. They are essentially sock sneakers and have a mesh slip with an air cushion in the sole. 

Their upper is mesh fabric, so your feet will remain highly breathable, and you won’t have to deal with any odors or smelly feet.

They come with a boxed toe to ensure each toe stands. Thanks to the sock-like upper, there is plenty of freedom in movement.

The sole is made of high-quality rubber materials. It ensures a good non-slip grip. 

Slow Man shoes are not only great for work, but you can also use them for your gym and dance classes. You can keep wearing them all day long, even in your home. 

There are so many colors and different sizes available. You can pick the one to match your style. 


  • Perforated arch for maximum breathability. 
  • Suitable for all day and daily use. 
  • Anti-slip grip and non-wearing sole. 
  • Sock-like upper for maximum comfort. 
  • Great for multipurpose use. 


  • Not suitable for low arch feet. 

2. Skechers Afterburn Men’s Shoes – Best Overall for Men

Skechers Afterburn Men's Shoes - Best Overall for Men walking on concrete

The use of memory foam in Afterburn Skechers makes it comfortable to wear all day long. They are made of 100% synthetic leather, so they are going to be incredibly breathable. Hence, you won’t have to worry about any odors even after wearing them throughout the day. 

They have a rubber sole, so there will be a pretty excellent ground grip. The upper has mesh, and there are supportive overlays and a heavily padded collar for wearing comfort. 

Their tongue also has cushioned mesh, and there is a memory foam insole. The lace-up style will fit and stay there on your feet no matter what you are doing. 

These shoes are so flexible that you can use them for hiking and long walks. The shoes are pretty versatile and come with plenty of cushioning to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. 

But we still think that these shoes could have been slightly on the lower side in terms of weight because they do tend to feel heavy. In addition, the heavy cushioning in their upper section makes them slightly overweight.


  • High breathability due to synthetic leather. 
  • Memory foam inner sole for wearing comfort. 
  • Padded collar and tongue to keep your feet nice and relaxed. 
  • Rubber sole to provide you with appropriate ground grip. 
  • Good choice for hiking.


  • A bit on the heavier side. 

3. New Balance FuelCore Nergize Women’s Shoes – Best for Comfort

New Balance FuelCore Nergize Women's Shoes - Best for Comfort for walking on concrete

For the ultimate comfort, the FuelCore is the best choice. The synthetic upper in these shoes will keep your feet nice and relaxed. There is a durable rubber sole underneath, and it will not wear out. Instead, it provides you with a nice ground grip. 

There is plenty of midsole cushioning. But the good thing is that your shoes remain lightweight. So, your feet will remain relaxed without adding more weight to the shoes. 

There are plenty of underfoot comforts available here, thanks to the memory sole. Your every step will feel comfortable, even on hard concrete floors. 

The shoes have a very sleek design that looks really nice. Supportive fitting is also available because these shoes are available in different sizes. 

These shoes are pretty comfortable if you are looking for a pair to stand all day long at work on hard concrete. However, some users have reported that the memory insole does tend to become out of shape over time. 


  • Excellent for standing on concrete. 
  • Fits comfortably. 
  • Memory cushioned insole.
  • Lightweight and relaxing feel. 
  • Rubber sole ensures better ground grip. 


  • Not suitable for running. 

4. Asics Gel-Venture 6 Men’s Shoes – Best Value for Money

Asics Gel-Venture 6 Men's Shoes - Best Value for Money standing on concrete

The Asics Gel Venture 6 is a very popular choice for men not only for running but for walking and concrete floor. 

These shoes come with a very tough sole that is not going to wear out any time soon. The sole must be tough from the outside, but it is very flexible and relaxing on the inside. It ensures that your shoes fit really well according to your foot shape and features. 

Their upper sections are made of synthetic material and are highly breathable, and your feet will feel fresh and relaxed all the time. 

You can continue to wear these shoes all day at work and wear them out for fun. On the rear end, these shoes have gel cushioning. It reduces shock when you are wearing them. This cushioning keeps you as comfortable as possible on a long working day. 

There is a removable sock liner, and you can replace it with a medical orthotic. The lace-up design ensures that your shoes are always a good fit. Last but not least. These shoes are pretty lightweight.


  • Lace-up design for better fitting. 
  • Available in different colors and sizes. 
  • Synthetic upper keeps the shoes breathable. 
  • The rubber sole ensures better gripping. 
  • Gel cushioning in the rear section reduces shock.


  • Mesh material wears out quickly. 

5. Umyogo Athletic Men’s Shoes – Best for Durability

Umyogo Athletic Men's Shoes - Best for Durability walking on concrete

Its rubber sole is not going to wear out as it is made of high-quality material. There are elastic blades on these shoes that make the upper section of these shoes firm and flexible. So, if you move around the workplace a lot, this pair is the right option for you. 

You can use these shoes for other activities outside your workplace. 

They feature a knit upper that ensures a comfortable fit and keeps your feet highly breathable whether you are running or walking. In addition, the shoes are incredibly soft and cushioned to protect your feet all the time. 

These shoes are very versatile because you can wear them for walking, travel, casual wear, running, training, jogging, workplace, and other types of light sports. 

Even after wearing them for long hours at work, you can keep them on without experiencing any sweaty feet. It means you won’t have to worry about any odors. 


  • Solid rubber soles. 
  • Breathable upper section. 
  • Highly versatile design and construction. 
  • Elastic blades for better flexibility. 
  • Great for all-day wearing comfort. 


  • Might be too sporty for some workplaces. 

6. HKR Women’s Shoes – Best for Price

HKR Women's Shoes - Best for Price walking on concrete

A good budget-friendly pair of walking shoes for concrete are HKR shoes. There is plenty of arch support. If you have a high arch, this is the right option for you to consider. 

These shoes are pretty lightweight, and they feature lightweight mesh on the upper section to prevent your feet from developing sweat or smell. 

With its rubber sole, you will get plenty of ground-gripping. The upper section also features technical membranes and meshes to keep your feet fresh and comfortable at all times. 

The insole has arch support, and there is a layer of memory foam so that you won’t feel any pain at the end of a tiring day. This is the top choice for women that have plantar fasciitis or bunions. The rubber sole also ensures superior traction so that you can use it for light running. 


  • Highly versatile design. 
  • Excellent for all-day wearing.
  • Great for women with plantar fasciitis and other foot issues. 
  • High arch support.
  • Memory cushioning insole. 


  • Not for those who have low arches. 

7. Brooks Ghost 13 Women’s Shoes – Best for Premium Quality

Brooks Ghost 13 Women's Shoes - Best for Premium Quality walking on concrete

As the name goes, the Ghost 13 shoes are so light that you won’t even feel them on your feet. The quality of the materials used in the constitution of these shoes speaks for itself. 

These are high-end shoes and feature a rubber sole that ensures quality traction. If you are looking for a reliable pair for all-day working or running, you don’t need to look any further. These shoes are certified diabetic shoes with plenty of cushioning and support. 

The shoes are highly responsive yet extremely comfortable and cushioned. This balance makes them one of the best shoes to wear for all-day. You can walk around and even run in these shoes, and your feet will stay relaxed. 

These shoes fit on your feet snugly. You can even wear them in the gym and do some exercise. These are great for any activity, and if you are going to stand all day long, they will work just fine. You will return home with nice and relaxed feet with no pain at all. 


  • Lace-up design for a comfortable fit. 
  • Excellent traction for activity. 
  • Comfortable to wear all day and stand around. 
  • Certified diabetic shoes. 
  • Breathable upper section.


  • They are slightly expensive. 

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some important features you need to look for before buying a pair of walking shoes for concrete.


Comfort is by far the most important factor when buying a pair of walking shoes for concrete. It’s a hard surface, and standing on it all day for work or whatever reason can take its toll on your feet and back. 

If you don’t want to return home in this pain, you need to look for a pair of shoes to remedy this problem. Therefore, you need to go for plenty of cushioning on the insole, and you need to have plenty of support as well. 

Of course, if you are not going to move much, then even a heavier pair of shoes with more cushion might work as well. In addition, there should be a rough arch and insole support. You can also go for the shoes that come with removable insoles to put them in orthotics. 


Despite having all the cushioning, you still need to have some kind of stability in your shoes to move around comfortably. Therefore, you need to look for a pair that has a stable heel when you stand for long hours. Also, make sure that you go for slip-resistant shoes because you don’t want to fall on a hard surface.


You are going to stand around a lot, and it means that your heel will be under the most pressure. Therefore, there needs to be some support to keep your feet from getting tired. So, the shoes you’re looking for must come with an adequate amount of heel and arch support to keep you comfortable throughout the day.


If you are going to use your pair for other activities outside the workplace, you need to go for a versatile pair of shoes. Such shoes must allow you to move freely, and they should be lightweight. Insole cushioning should be there, but it shouldn’t be too much as to restrict you from brisk movements. You will have to balance out between comfort and support in such a scenario. 


The best shoes for walking on concrete for women are Slow Man Women’s Shoes, while the best shoes in this category for men are Skechers Afterburn Men’s Shoes. Both these shoes are pretty comfortable to wear, and they are designed to keep your feet well-cushioned and supportive throughout the day. Plus, you can wear them at your home or in a gym if you want. 

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