Best Skateboard Brands

Cruising on your skateboard or doing some tricks to impress your friends, whatever your preferences are, here are the best skateboard brands to meet your needs.

As the demand for skateboards has surged, new brands are entering the market. 

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Skateboarding has been around for a long time and the brands that entered the market in the earlier days are still there. These iconic skateboard brands bring out a range of skateboards for a variety of riders.

Therefore, making the right choice has never been such a daunting task. 

In this guide, we are going to highlight some of the best skateboard brands on the market. 

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Top 10 Skateboard Brands of 2021

1. Alien Workshop – Best Overall

Alien Workshop - Best Skateboard Brand Overall

Alien’s workshop might be small, but they are passionate about the game. These highly skilled professionals understand what skateboarding is. 

They carry a unique style and theme in each of their skateboard designs. Their paranormal-based skating gear has been on the market since 1990. 

The company has undergone a brief change in color and some ownership changes. However, it has continued to be one of the top brands in the skateboarding world. 

They are headquartered in Dayton, OH, and are located in a former nuclear bunker. They not only have skateboards to offer, but they also have other gear that sells like crazy. It means that you can conveniently show your Alien devotion with this brand. 


  • They follow a theme (alien/paranormal). 
  • Their skateboards are durable and of high quality. 
  • Plenty of industry experience. 
  • Variety is available. 


  • Slightly expensive but worth it. 

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2. Santa Cruz – Best for Brand Recognition

Santa Cruz - Best Skateboard Brand for Value

Santa Cruz is one of the prestigious brands that hail from California. It has been around since the early days of skateboarding. The company started its operation back in 1973 and was founded by professional surfers Jay Shuirman, Doug Haut, and Richard Novak.

From the beginning, this company has been among the trends, and it has been consistently producing boards of the highest quality. One of the brand’s more unique features is that it has ever slick boards that have graphics sealed under plastic sealing for smoother sliding. 

It significantly improves performance on the board. In addition, you can choose from a variety of finished designs. You can also work and customize decks with your favorite design. 

These skateboards are pretty high-quality, so they will also be on the higher end of the price. But you will get plenty of value for your money because these skateboards are durable and will not go anywhere for a long time to come. 


  • Plenty of experience in skateboard making. 
  • Customization options are available.
  • Durable skateboards. 
  • Very slick designs that look contemporary. 


  • These skateboards are expensive. 

3. Almost – Best for Designer Brand

Almost - best designer skateboard brand

Another one of the top brands in the skateboarding industry is Almost Skateboards. This company started its operations back in 2003, and it’s all about creativity and fun. 

They are well known for their quality and durable skateboards. No matter how demanding you are as a skateboard rider, you will notice that these skateboards will meet your expectations. 

They set themselves apart from the competition by using eco-friendly resin developed from recycled ingredients and bio-based renewables. These skateboards are made of 7-ply or 8-ply maple fibers with carbon. 

They have finished skateboards, and you can go for customization options as well. This customization can be done for the wheels, decks, trucks, and bearings. So, they offer complete customization, and you can go for a variety of fun designs.


  • They have a fun and colorful theme in their skateboards. 
  • Plenty of design options are available.
  • Full customization is available. 
  • Durable and lightweight skateboards. 


  • The customized models could become expensive. 

4. Antihero – Best for Adults

Antihero - Best Skateboard Brand for Adults

Antihero is well regarded for its quality, consistency, and innovation in skateboard designs. It has been consistently pushing the limits to introduce new techniques to better skateboard construction. 

If you are looking for unique, diverse, and bold graphics on classy desks, you need to go for this brand. They also have long-range skateboarding apparel available. No matter what skateboard you prefer to go for, they are all made of quality wood. 

The company came into being back in the mid-90s. Since then, it has amassed popularity because of its bold designs. 


  • These skateboards have bold designs. 
  • Best choice for adults.
  • Unique designs and shapes. 
  • High value for money. 
  • High-quality wood materials. 


  • No customization option is available. 

5. Baker – Best Skateboard Brand for Value

Baker- Best Skateboard Brand for Value

This high-profile California-based skateboard brand started its operations back in 2000 by Andy Reynolds, one of the most respected professional skaters. The brand is all about stripped-back styling and positive vibes.

A wide range of sizes and designs is available here, and customization will be very simple for you. The skateboards by Baker are of 100% Canadian Maple wood. But the best part is that they are still pretty affordable. Reynolds understands and makes these skateboards easy to access for all. 

This brand also boasts a high-profile team of riders. These include Theotis Baeasly, Dustin Dollin, Sammy Baca, and Riley Hawk. So, if you are looking for some real design from outside the skateboarding world, you need to consider this brand. 


  • Baker is all about value for money. 
  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Long-lasting and durable. 
  • Variety of designs. 
  • Customization options. 


  • Only deck customization is available. 

6. Element – Best for Price

Element - Best Skateboard Brand for Price

This brand is all about art and culture, and you will notice a touch of elementality in the brand’s visions. This company started its operations back in 1992, and its entire focus is on ethical practices and authenticity. 

If you want to be associated with a brand that is all about sustainability, go for the Element. The logo of this company features the four elements earth, fire, wind, water. 

This logo is very easy to recognize within the industry as well as outside of it. You can go for a fully finished board or design it yourself, including the trucks and wheels with full customization. 

You can also buy a full range of apparel for kids, men, and women too. It’s all about decking out as an entire family. These quality skateboards are available at pretty reasonable rates, and you can pick one according to your preferences. 


  • Quality skateboards that ensure durability 
  • Full customization, even for accessories. 
  • Apparel for men, women, and kids is also available. 
  • Made of eco-friendly materials. 


  • A lot of cheap quality replicas are available on the market. 

7. Toy Machine – Best for Cartoon/Funny Designs

Toy Machine - Best Skateboard Brand for Cartoon Design

If you are looking for some fun, cartoonish design, Toy Machine is the way to go. You will get to choose from different widths and lengths. They also offer small boards for kids. This option is not available in other bigger brands. 

Moreover, you can also go for various options for customization, choosing from a range of different wheels, trucks, decks, and a variety of other accessories. This company started its operations back in 1993. It separated itself from the comparisons by going for those fine graphics and bright colors. 

The company uses 7-ply wood in the construction of its skateboards. Therefore, these skateboards are pretty durable and solid in their construction. They also retain a good amount of pop. These are some of the features why this brand still has a loyal fan base. 


  • A top choice for you if you love colorful graphics and bright hues. 
  • Solid construction with 7-ply wood. 
  • These boards have a certain pop in them.
  • Desks are available in different sizes. 


  • Adult riders don’t like the cartoon designs. 

8. Zero – Best for the Skulls

Zero - Best Skateboard Brand for Skulls

If you have that devil-may-cry mindset in your life, this is the best skateboarding brand that you need to consider. Most of the designs from this brand come with a skull logo that strictly hints at that particular attitude. 

Jamie Thomson is the owner of this company, and it represents rebellion and freedom of expression. He is joined by other suitable names, including Tony Cervantes, Dan Burman, and Tommy Sandoval. And together, they produce high-quality designs and use quality materials for the skateboarders who have that bold attitude. 

If you are the one who likes to perform different stunts on stairs, rails, and other gaps, this is the skateboard that you need to bring in. Full customizations are available, and you can buy apparel and accessories for you and your skateboard. 


  • An excellent choice for skateboard stunters. 
  • Handles impact very well. 
  • Full skateboard accessories. 
  • Apparels are also available. 


  • Not fit the people who like to cruise on their boards only. 

9. Girl – Best for Uniqueness

Girl - Best Skateboard Brand for Uniqueness

These skateboards are pretty unique in terms of their graphics and design. But if you treat your skateboard like your “Girl,” this is the brand you need to go for. There are plenty of different design options available here, and you can also opt for full customization. 

You can choose from different accessories and create a look that you love the most on your Girl. In addition, you can purchase accessories and apparel with that unique bathroom-style girl logo. 

The company uses 7-ply wood to construct their skateboards, so these boards are pretty durable and have some pop associated with their design. The pro team for this company includes Andrew Brophy, Sean Malto, Cory Kennedy, and Mike Mo Capaldi.


  • Top-quality skateboards.
  • A variety of designs and sizes are available. 
  • Accessories are available in different colors and designs. 
  • Made of durable 7-ply wood that has a pop. 


  • It’s uniqueness can be a turn off for some

10. Flip – Best Skateboard Brand for Pop

Flip - Best Skateboard Brand for Pop

If you want that pop when riding your skateboard, you need to go for the Flip skateboards. Because they are one of the lightest options available on the market. 

This is a skateboard that you can pick not only for its performance but also for its graphics and aesthetics. This brand will not disappoint you in that case. 

The company was initially founded in the UK in 1991 by pro skateboarders Geoff Rowley and Jeremy Fox. But the company made a move to California to benefit from the massive skateboard market. 

If you are looking for some premium quality skateboards, you don’t need to look any further. These decks have fiber reinforcements to ensure that it lasts longer and performs at the highest level. 

In addition, these skateboards are available in different designs. However, you will not be able to customize your skateboard on your own. 


  • Quality skateboard with fiber reinforcements.
  • Extremely durable boards.
  • A range of designs is available.
  • You can also go for their t-shirts if you want. 


  • Slightly expensive skateboards. 

What to Look for When Buying a Skateboard? 

Here are some important features that you need to consider before choosing the best skateboard brand. 

Custom vs. complete

Those who are new to skateboarding should consider going for a complete design instead of a custom design. Custom designs are expensive, and they are better suited to those who understand how all the accessories and materials work in a skateboard. 

Size options

Make sure that you go for the brands with the right size options available according to your preferences. Go for a bigger or smaller size according to your body weight and riding style. 


Apart from the cool design, you need to look for a few things on your deck. You need to go for the right length as well as the wheelbase. A shorter wheelbase will make your board highly responsive, while a longer one will have better top speed. 

If you have a shorter tail, then you will be able to perform more tricks. Longer tails are more suitable for cruising. High-end doodles come with fiber-reinforced into the plywood. 


Trucks and wheels need to be the right kind based on your riding style. There should be more shock absorption if you perform stunts. However, this will not matter much for cruising. 

On the other hand, similar wheels should be suitable for schemes and adequate for cruising. 

Final Word

You’ll find an overwhelming amount of skateboard brands. But make sure you focus on your strengths and look for the features that will work for you the best. Design and aesthetics are secondary, and performance is the priority for any skateboarder. 

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