Best Skateboard Wheels

The best skateboard wheels is a subject that is constantly open to discussion. Which skateboard wheels are most effective? What wheels are resilient against flat spots?

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Skateboard wheels have numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration before deciding on a new set. The diameter, width, profile size, hardness, and urethane formulation immediately spring into the forefront of your mind. 

Due to the many differences, we’ve put together a shortlist of the top skateboard wheels made by skate industry giants Bones and Spitfire to help you choose the right product that fits your skating preferences.

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Best Skateboard Wheels of 2021

Spitfire Formula Four Wheels – The Best for Streets

Spitfire Formula Four 101a Classics are the ideal street skating wheel. With a diameter of 52mm, these wheels weigh just 52mm. They are equipped with Formula Four technology. However, they’ll be able to meet the roads’ demands despite their size.

The durometer of 101a signifies that power slides or other techniques that require sliding down the ground or over ledges are more easily performed without sticking. The wheels can still be used in skateparks. However, there might be some loss of traction on specific types of ramp materials like plastic or wood.

It’s famous for its Formula Four Urethane which is unlike any other. On the street, as well as under stress tests at high speeds. When we tested it, the Formula Four wheels retained most of their material, it condensed less and retained their original shape and sizes longer than other wheels.


  • 101a Durometer 
  • Smooth Anti-Stick Slide 
  • Formula Four Urethane 
  • Classic shape


  • loss of traction on-ramp materials like plastic or wood.

Spitfire Formula Four Conical Wheels – Best for Parks

What differentiates them from the other Spitfire wheels in this list is the design of the wheels. The shape gives more control when sliding over edges or grinding into rails because of the broader sides.

The slightly bigger diameter of 54mm makes getting around the skatepark effortless without adding much weight. The great thing about bigger wheels is they last longer before getting too small to be uncomfortable to skate.

The toughness of 99a makes them suitable for almost any skatepark material. They’re grippy enough to limit unwanted sliding. However, they also have enough flex to allow smooth power slides as well as spinning moves.


  • High-rebound compound
  • Anti-stick ride.
  • More speed and control on all surfaces
  • Unmatched flatspot resistance.


  • The wheels do not come with bearings

Bones 52 mm wheels – Best Budget Option

It’s a classic wheel sporting the durometer of 100a. It is designed for ripping skateparks and other smooth surfaces, with style, speed, and a striking difference to the shockingly pale urethane used in other wheels. 

The 100s are built with Bones; the tried and tested OG Urethane formula has been the most famous skateboarder’s formula for over four decades. 

These wheels are also designed to conform according to the Bones V5 design, providing the ability to reduce weight, versatility, along graphic safety when you get sharp. 

They are highly resistant to flatspot, so you don’t have to worry about slipping off the top coat of urethane over break-in time. They are available in 52mm, 53mm and 54mm sizes, giving you a moderate variety depending on where you go. They also work well in other areas. However, they could be susceptible to cracks and pebbles that are loose because of their incredible hardness.


  • OG Urethane formula
  • faster longer grinds
  • less side drag,
  • high resistance to flatspots
  • lightweight


  • Tend to lose grip 

Spitfire Classics Wheels – The Best Overall

Spitfire is pretty famous when it comes to skateboarding, and with good reason! The company has been producing wheels since 1987 and continues to create high-quality wheels that incorporate new developments in design and materials.

In particular, specifically, their Formula Four technology results from fast and long-lasting wheels and is resistant to the common flatspot.

The Classic shape offers a classic street skating experience, with the advantages of Formula Four urethane technology. With a diameter of 54mm wide, they are great on the street and in the skatepark. They provide an incredibly smooth and light ride that allows for greater control while doing flip tricks.

Their 99a hardness makes it easy to do power slides, keep the speed up, and avoid slideouts that aren’t needed in skateparks. These wheels are perfect for both pros and beginners alike.


  • Unmatched control on all surfaces.
  • flatspot resistance.
  • Anti-stick ride.
  • High-rebound compound.
  • Formula Four Urethane 


  • Bearings sometimes get stuck

Orangatang Cruising Wheels – The Best for Cruising

The 75mm version of Orangatang is a rugged profile, with sharp edges made of grip and a thick lip that help keep the speed. Additionally, you’ll find internal walls that ripple as a progressive energy return after those sharp turns or when pumping.

They are designed to keep grip and provide the most comfortable feel on almost all terrains.

They won’t easily slide out of the box due to the firm grip and sharp corners. Therefore, it is necessary to take them off a little to let them slide easily.

If you’re looking for more wheels that slide, I would suggest trying the Freeride. The Orangatang wheels are designed to speed board in fast and rough roads due to their dimensions and size.

Overall, they provide outstanding performance with durability, endurance, traction, and grip on the roads. If you enjoy riding your skateboard at high speed, then these products are the best for you.


  • A fast and good balance for roughest roads
  • All-out traction
  • Progressive rebound
  • Original Orangatang urethane formula
  • Longboarding wheels


  • take a lot more energy to push around

Ricta Skateboard Wheel – The Best for Rough Roads

Ricta provides super-bouncy and quick wheels that roll effortlessly over the most challenging terrains. Modern shapes allow them to be lightweight and less bulky. So if you enjoy going out and about or want to get the most grip on sharp turns and are looking to perform some insane skateboard tricks, they are the perfect choice for you.

The shape of the standard skateboard wheels allows it to be used on any terrain and also is suitable for novice riders. They’re just soft enough to glide across the cracks in asphalt and rough surfaces, but they are also large enough and hard enough to be able to perform tricks on.

They also have a shiny finish on the surface, often referred to as mold release or skin, that helps increase grip and traction as you ride.


  • Perfect for filming and cruising
  • Available in a variety of shades
  • The durometer and diameter ranges are available for various riders.
  • Warranty against manufacturing defect


  • A little expensive

Spitfire Classic Series – The Best Premium Skateboard Wheels

The classic set of four wheels made by Spitfire are available in 10 different colors that you can choose from. It has 51mm of size and a 101a durometer, making it extremely fast and durable simultaneously.

Because they have a smooth surface, they have less friction than their treaded counterparts. This makes them easier to glide on. So if you’re looking to create some wild screams on your skateboard, these skateboards are perfect for you.

Although these wheels might not be ideal for a specific situation, such as narrow or wide wheels, they’re perfect for most scenarios. This is because they have a more traditional design and are designed for beginners.

Its classic shape is an important aspect to consider. They not only provide more speed, but you’ll also enjoy the most control in the quick turns and downhill runs.

What differentiates them from the rest is the Formula Four Urethane. It is a scratch-resistant surface with fewer flat spots. You also gain a bettere grip, a longer-lasting speed, and a smooth, non-slick slide that gives you the most enjoyable skateboarding experience you’ve ever had.


  • Good range of Durometers (99a-101a)
  • Smooth and incredible grip
  • non-slick slide
  • Warranty against manufacturing defect


  • Although it’s pretty smooth, If you’re a fan of the power slide, you’ll be disappointed

Sector 9 – The Best Skateboard Wheels for Sliding

To an amateur, it might appear to be an undesirable feature for a wheel to be able to slide.

However, controlled sliding is essential for longboarders and skateboarders who can master tricks and hold their speed in skateboarding. The Sector 9 Butterballs are ideal for controlled slides.

With 70mm in diameter, the wheels are ideal for speed and stability. They’re designed to take bumps and cracks with relative ease.

At 80a, these wheels might not be as rugged as others, but when compared to other cruiser and longboard wheels, there should be an immediate difference when you use power slides. Longboard wheels must provide an adequate amount of grip, particularly when going through steep hills. In addition, the wheels must help riders to master the slide.


  • 70mm diameter
  • Centerset hub
  • 80A durometer
  • 40mm contact patch


  • The wheels are a little less grippy

Pig Wheel Skateboard Wheel

Pig Wheels are among the top skateboard wheels that you can get for the money. They are more robust than the competition, with 100 durometers. They are wrapped in polyurethane that is ice white, giving a cool appearance for your board.

They sport a prominent Pig symbol and can be found in a 50mm to up to 60mm. It’s the cost that sets them apart from the rest of the competition.

Because they have grooved surfaces which results in a more outstanding performance, speed, and stability, although other companies provide products with a grooved surface, the cost is expensive. That’s why I suggest using Pig wheels.

Additionally, they come with the largest width when compared to the standard. Even when you’re going at a breakneck speed, you’ll have the best stability and control and will not fall off your track. They are great for bowling or the pool.

The S-4 design makes them ideal for the cruise. If you’re a street skater or love to splash around in the water, the wheels are designed to fit you.


  • 52mm
  • 101A durometer
  • Natural color
  • Fantastic speed and traction along with stability


  • Not recommended for newbies.

Spitfire Bighead 52mm – The Best Skateboard Wheels for Speed

You can expect nothing less than fantastic quality from this 52mm Spitfire Bighead that comes in seven gorgeous colors and designs. They are produced from the USA and have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The surface is constructed by a comprehensive road profile and 99a durometer to ensure maximum speed and grip driving. This is an excellent durometer for parks, pools, streets, and streets. It is best suited for moderately experienced riders.


  • Advanced urethane formulations made
  • Fast, durable, and secure on the ground to ensure you don’t fall out of your way.
  • Garantie against all manufacturing defects
  • Great for those who are just beginning or moderately experienced riders.


  • Not recommended for professional players who require extra grip

Buyers Guide: Skateboard Wheels

We all know that skateboard wheels are made from polyurethane.

But, before placing your purchase, you need to know how to select the skateboard wheels.

Here will be one of the best guides that take you step by step and shows you the factors to look for when purchasing a good one.


Diameter is the measurement of the wheel. The durometer is the measurement of toughness. As with diameter, the larger your number of Durometers, the more challenging your wheel will be. Some manufacturers could instead opt for the B Scale, which measures 20 points less than the A Scale, giving 20 points for the most complex wheels.

 For instance, the 80b durometers have similar to the 100a durometer. Skateboard wheels are a more excellent and more precise hardness range.

Certain brands also experiment using dual-durometer wheels to offer an enhanced experience on the skate. When you buy a dual-durometer skateboard, it’s possible that the inner part of the wheel can be measuring one type of hardness, while the exterior of the wheel could be another. 

This can result in more incredible speed and endurance in the skateboard wheels as they offer a mix of strengths from both sides of the spectrum.

In general, the harder wheels are more efficient, while the soft wheels are slower, with the added benefit of having a more excellent grip. The softer wheels are more for street skating.

On the other hand, more durable wheels are ideal for smooth surfaces like skate parks. Certain companies have even designed their wheels for a particular application. 

For example, Bones STF Formula and Spitfire F1 Street Burners are specifically designed for streets, whereas the Bones SPF Formula and Spitfire F1 Park Burnersare made for parks.

78a – 87a: Soft wheel is ideal in rough areas, on longboards and street boards that require plenty of grips to move over pebbles and cracks. It is made for smooth rides and cruising, longboards, uneven surfaces, and hills.

88a-95a: A little more complicated, but quicker, but at the same time. They might have less grip. However, they’re perfect for rough terrain, street, and hill skating.

96a-99a: Hard wheels that have an excellent grip and speed. They are great for novices at skating parks, ramps, or pools.

101a+: This is the most durable and fastest, but they are also the most grippy. For professional riders only.

83b-84b: Tough and brittle wheel. Faster and with little grip


The diameter is the essential factor in choosing a skateboard wheel. The most crucial aspect to think about is the diameter of the skateboard wheel. The measurement is in millimeters (mm).

The typical range of millimeters that you will discover in the market is 50-75mm. A small wheel in size will result in the feeling of a slow ride, while larger ones will be quick.

Because the diameter of your board is directly related to speed, the diameters determine how quickly you can accelerate and how fast your board will turn.

To understand how a specific range can affect the performance of your instrument, here’s an easy comparison.

  • 50 to 53mm are the skateboard wheels with the smallest size. They are ideal for novices and provide the stability needed for trick riding.
  • 54-59mm: The medium or Average size is ideal for intermediate and beginner riders.
  • 60mm+: Explicitly designed for professional riders specifically for longboards, these wheels can rollover any terrain and are designed for speed and smooth glide over rugged terrains

Based on your level of skill, You should select the appropriate size. If you’re a total beginner and just beginning in the field, I recommend smaller sizes (50-53mm).


The most important thing to consider is picking the correct level of hardness (and the right size). Soft wheels can deal with rough surfaces superior to hard wheels. Anything that falls between 78A-92A will work. The 78A wheels offer the most smooth ride. However, they are not ideal for tricks. They are also very bouncy and make your board bounce when you hit the trick.

There aren’t many people who have access to smooth roads. The 92A is an excellent option if you’re looking to cruise and play tricks. You can do some technical tricks and still enjoy the most comfortable ride. They’re not going to be the best at anything but be aware of that.

Contact Patch

A key factor to consider is the dimension of the patch of contact. It is the flat part of a wheel that comes into contact with the ground when riding your board. A giant contact patch gives more excellent stability and soaks up the uneven and hard surface since the wheel’s soft.

Smaller decks can benefit from larger contact patches, as it gives a more leisurely ride. Wider boards can work by using smaller contact patches, as the dimensions of the deck (and the large trucks) already offer plenty of stability. 

Contact patch size differs for each kind of wheel. Some brands provide larger contact patches, but it also depends on the shape of the wheel and the size of the wheel. However, we don’t think you should worry too much since we’ve picked two wheels with a big enough contact patch to be suitable for driving but not those Ricta Cloud Wheels.

Shape of wheels

For the most efficient wheels for cruising, the shape is another crucial aspect. We’ve come a long way and learned how to personalize our wheels according to our experience riding. All that’s left is picking the best form.

Sharp-lip Shape

If you enjoy driving, carving, and slalom, the sharp lip shape is ideal. They provide more grip, especially when turning hard.

Round-lip Shape

For those who enjoy performing carves and surf slides or those just beginning to learn power slides, wheels with the round-lip profile give you the perfect result.

You are now aware of how to select the best wheels for your skateboard.

Frequently asked questions:

How much do new skateboard wheels cost?

Skateboard wheels can cost anything between $10 to $50 or more depending on manufacturer quality, size, and durometer ratings.

Are 54mm wheels suitable for street skating?

54mm is likely the ideal all-rounder when you’re contemplating skating an extensive range of terrain. It seems like this size provides the majority of skateboarders with the perfect combination of speed and speed.

Do wheels on a skateboard matter?

Skateboard wheel size determines the speed you’ll travel and how smooth you’ll be riding. Wheels that are larger allow you to experience a smoother and better ride. They also are better for riding on different terrains. 

What shape of skateboard wheels should I get?

52 – 54mm are the most sought-after sizes and are a great all option. The range can cover everything you require for the majority of the street and park-like terrain.


We hope this article will make it easier for you to choose the best skateboard wheels. Of course, the premium wheels are better valued in the long term, but you can upgrade as you get prepared. 


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