Best Snowboard Boots

Snowboard boots can make or break your snowboarding day. Wearing the right pair of boots can make a difference between a day full of fun and a painful afternoon.

When searching for the best snowboard boots, you’ll come across many options, ranging from lacing systems and step-on mechanisms.

So, whether you’re looking for a versatile all-mountain option or a mellow freestyle boot, we’ve got you covered. 

To save your time, we have sifted through the internet to shortlist and review the 7 best snowboard boots available on the market. 

Let’s find a suitable pair for your next snowboarding venture.

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Best Snowboard Boots of 2021

1. DC Phase – Best for Overall

DC Phase - Best Snowboard Boots for Overall

The DC Phase lace snowboarding boots come with a traditional closure type. So, they are great for the experienced as well as newbies. 

They come with a flex rating of 5/10, which is medium to have a balanced feel. These boots will not make your feet feel entirely rigid to move, and neither will you feel that you are wearing something like a running pair. 

So, your feet will get plenty of protection but will also remain comfortable. As they come with traditional closure types, this is the best option if you like old-school. 

With this level of comfort and support well-balanced, you can comfortably wear these boots all day long out there in the snow without feeling any discomfort.

These boots also come with basic snow insoles to ensure durability and comfort. 

The outer sole features UniLite Foundation that doesn’t add much to the overall weight of your boots, but it does provide good traction in the snow.

Most people think that snowboarding boots are extremely heavy, but these boots only weigh four and a half pounds. 


  • Available in different designs and sizes. 
  • Feature traditional closure type. 
  • Perfect balance between comfort and support. 
  • Great for all-day wearing. 
  • Durable basic snow insole. 


  • Too stiff for regular snow boots.

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2. ThirtyTwo Exit – Best for Style & Value for Money

ThirtyTwo Exit - Best Snowboard Boots for Style & Value for Money

These snowboard boots have foam on their sole, so they are pretty comfortable to wear. They come with a traditional closure type and feature fleece lining.

Moreover, they come with Comfort Fit heat molding liners and wear them all day long if you want. With STI Evolutions foam, its outsole is pretty good and works as you stomp your way.

Its lacing system is on the liner, so you can access it comfortably at any time. 

Its comfort-fit liner is made of dual-density foam that conforms according to your feet’ shape and size. It means these boots are great if you are looking for moderate support, even with soft flex. 

A fleece liner is present on the inside that ensures comfort and warmth, and it is 100% heat molding. In addition, it comes with a flex rating of 2/10, so this pair is great when it comes to flexibility, and you can easily wear them for as long as you want.

These boots come with a very comfortable tongue, and your ankle won’t hurt if you continue to wear them for long hours.

And the best part is… they are lightweight, only weighing 4 pounds. 


  • Very flexible to wear.
  • Great for all-day comfort. 
  • Two different colors are available. 
  • Fleece liner for warmth. 
  • Traditional closure type. 


  • The white design does get dirty pretty quick. 

3. Symbolic Ultra – Best for Lightweight Design

Symbolic Ultra - Best Snowboard Boots for Lightweight Design

The Symbolic Ultra is incredibly lightweight. You can easily wear them without feeling that you have them on. So, if you are a fan of lightweight snowboarding boots, this is the best option. 

You won’t find any color options here, but you will find many different sizes available. They also come with a traditional lacing system and a soft flex feel option.

These boots boast a linerless design to ensure a custom fit. They are anatomically snugger yet very supportive. 

There is an articulating cuff system on the outside that prevents any shell distortion. It means that these boots are going to perform for a long time to come.

They are great for aggressive slopes thanks to their performance backstay as well as mid-stiff flex. 

If you have tired or painful legs with sores, these snowboard boots will provide you with the relaxation you are looking for.

They also come with a 3D molding tongue that ensures much easier lacing and better flex and fit. In addition, your boots will remain safe for hard landings. 


  • Durable and lightweight. 
  • High-density foam outsole (evolution foam).
  • Cradled heel and arch for maximum support. 
  • Upper is made of solid molded TPU. 
  • Custom performance fit. 


  • They don’t come with much padding. 

4. Burton Moto Boa – Best for Premium Quality

Burton Moto Boa - Best Snowboard Boots for Premium Quality

The Moto Boa pair is all about the modern technologies in the snowboarding world. If you are looking for a modern design with modern features, you don’t need to look elsewhere. 

The sole material is made of rubber. So, you will get plenty of traction out of these boots when you are not on the snowboard.

The outer materials of these boots are made of PU, and it’s not going to get that dirty too quickly either. 

Quick lace-up closure ensures you don’t spend the entire time adjusting your laces and take your boots off. The insole is made of textile, so it is going to be highly breathable as well.

It means you won’t have to deal with smelly feet even after wearing these boots for an entire day. 

The backstay is made of durable synthetic leather, while the tongue will guarantee a snug fit. So, you won’t have to readjust during your snowboard rides.

These boots also feature fur, which is fuzzy and soft. Therefore, your feet’ entrance is smooth and warm. 


  • BOA coiler technology for snug-fitting. 
  • Reflective foil under the foot to reflect heat and keep your feet warm. 
  • A top choice for icy conditions. 
  • The quick lace system keeps the boots comfortable to wear. 
  • Reflective foil to keep your feet nice and warm. 


  • High support but low flexibility. 

5. Head Coral – Best for Women

Head Coral - Best Snowboard Boots for Women

The Head Coral comes with a lace-up closure mechanism, so it won’t take much time to put them on or take them off. 

These boots come with pretty forgiving flexibility. So, these boots are great if you are using such boots for the first time.

But if you are looking for some flexibility and have some experience using snowboarding boots, these will work quite well for you as well. 

The pair comes with a coiler system as its closure type. This Boa coiler ensures you don’t waste much time lacing up your boots and get ready for the action right away.

In addition, these boots come with spring-loaded laces that can coil up pretty fast. 

The Coral also features a comfort cuff that adds towards the flex on that medial section of your boot. This construction adds more to your overall comfort and ensures natural flex.

These boots also have a removable liner. So, you can easily air dry the inside of your boots much quicker than other snowboarding boots. 

The tongue also features a pull loop that allows you to pull the boots while putting them on or removing them. These boots overall come with plenty of support and ensure a snug fit. 


  • These boots are pretty flexible. 
  • Excellent for intermediates and beginners.
  • Come with a Boa lacing mechanism. 
  • Feature comfort cuff for more flex.
  • Easy to remove the liner. 


  • Not for the experienced snowboarders. 

6. System APX – Best for Beginners

System APX - Best Snowboard Boots for Beginners

New to snowboarding? You need to wear these snowboarding boots. These boots come with a Thermofit liner that is heat moldable, so you will get the best fit for your feet. 

This liner is designed to eradicate any pressure points and will keep your feet comfortable all day.

When you are new to snowboarding, you need to look for a pair that conforms well to your feet, and this is precisely what the APX does. 

You don’t have to worry about the lacing on this boot as well. It’s traditional and works very much like your conventional laced boots. It means these boots will fit well everywhere on your feet where you need them the most. 

These boots come with a 3-year warranty. The boots are pretty flexible, but they also provide you with a sufficient amount of support.

However, you will notice this is not much support if you compare it with other designs on this list. That is why these boots are great for newbies. 


  • Different sizes are available. 
  • Top choice for beginners. 
  • Plenty of flexibility is there in these boots.
  • Thermofit liner conforms very well for a snug fit. 
  • Reinforced traditional lacing system.


  • Not for advanced users. 

7. Salomon Titan – Best for Men

Salomon Titan - Best Snowboard Boots for Men

The Titan pretty much lives up to its name as the best pair of snowboarding boots for men. They come with a quick lacing system, so putting them on and taking them off will not be time-consuming for you.

These bootshave a custom-fit liner and also features an imprinted footbed. The outsole is of D-Light, and it is very impact resistant. 

This is another pretty good option if you are looking for a lightweight design. So, therefore, they are going to be pretty good when it comes to all-day wearing.

But you do need to keep in mind that when ordering, you need to order one size larger than normal if you are looking for a comfortable fit. Again, this is because their sizing is a little bit off. 

These boots come with a pretty comfortable design that is an excellent option for all-day wearing if you want. Though wearing them is not an issue at all, thanks to their quick lace mechanism. 

This lacing mechanism is among the newer closure types and is gaining quite a fan base due to its convenience. Usually, wearing and taking off snowboarding shoes is a lengthy task, but not with the Salomon Titan. 


  • Different sizes are available. 
  • Come with a quick lacing mechanism.
  • Imprint footbed that conforms well. 
  • A comfortable liner that ensures a custom fit. 
  • Supportive yet flexible to wear. 


  • The sizing is a little bit off (go for 1-size large).

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some important features that you must consider when buying the best snowboarding boots.


You need to go for the right fit. It’s not just about going for any boot. There are different snowboarding boots for women and men because of the overall anatomy. Apart from that, these shoes can be wide, narrow, or have a regular fit. Make sure you go for the right size based on your feet.


If you have any foot condition like plantar fasciitis or similar, you need to consider getting a comfortable pair. However, you should not ignore this factor even if you don’t have any foot condition. If your boots are not comfortable, you are not going to have fun while snowboarding. 

Go for a breathable foam or dual-density EVA insole that is preferably removable. A flexible tongue and articulated cuff are two important features here as well. 


Snowboarding boots come with different levels of flexibility. They can either be soft, medium, or stiff. If you’re new to snowboarding, then go for more flexibility. 

With more experience, you can go for stiffer ones as well. But it’s all up to what you are comfortable wearing on your feet while snowboarding. 


It’s a piece of rubber that is present right under the boot, and it will grip the snow and ice underneath your feet on the ground. 

These boots come with different lug designs to provide better traction on the slopes or sidewalks during your walks. It’s better to go for some aggressive slugs here for better traction. 


Our editor’s pick is the DC Phase as the best snowboard boots overall. They are pretty comfortable to wear and are suitable for all kinds of snowboarders because they have a medium flex. They provide plenty of support and comfort, and you get the best of both worlds. 

Which brand of snowboard boots is the best?

The best 2021 men’s snowboard boots are as follows.
1. Burton Boa
2. Thirtytwo Exit
3. DC Phase
4. Symbolic Ultra
5. Head Coral
6. System APX
7. Salomon Titan

What boots do pro snowboarders wear?

Popular snowboard boots amongst pros are the Burton Boas, Vans Infuse, K2 Aspect, Vans Aura Pro, and Salomon Dialogue Focus Boa. Pros use these premium snowboard boots because of their modern advancements, snug fit, and overall comfort while boarding.

Are Burton Boa boots good?

The Burton Boa snowboard boots are our best premium choice this season. The Burton Boas offers many modern technologies like quick lacing, soft flex tongues, PU design, and great rubber soles for traction in the snow.

Does it matter what snowboard boots you get?

The snowboard boots you get need to match your riding style, flex preference and be comfortable for your feet, less you run the risk of bad performance and sore feet after just a few slopes. So yes, they do matter.

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