Best Snowboard Brands

Most people won’t admit it, but brands do matter. Some snowboard brands are associated with quality, others are associated with price, and some offer the best of both worlds.

Brands have to be very consistent with their quality in a highly competitive snowboard market. They can’t just establish overnight, just out of nowhere. 

In this guide, we will highlight some of the best snowboard brands on the market today.

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Best Snowboard Brands of 2021

1. Salomon – Best Overall

Salomon - best snowboard brand overall

Salomon has successfully carved out a niche in a highly competitive snowboarding industry. But a lot of credit goes to the company for delivering quality products and services to its loyal customers.

This company came into being in 1995, but it didn’t deal in snowboarding at that time. So instead, they began making skis, and after a couple of years, they started making snowboards. 

When it comes to split boards, there is no better brand than Salomon. These split boards are different from their traditional counterparts, and they are precisely what they are; you can split them into two. 

Some products are even split into four. It means you can conveniently stash them together and have extra parts during your travel. In addition, they have proper technology in place that features PLUM hooks. With these, you can assemble your boards safely and quickly. 

If you are looking for these split boards, you will not find this quality anywhere else. But if you are looking for something else, you can sift through a long list of their offerings.


  • An excellent choice for free-riding snowboards. 
  • Excellent stability, thanks to the cross profile.
  • Best for control and easy turning. 
  • Cross profile and dampening make sure that the boards perform well at high speeds. 
  • Top choice for split boards. 


  • Not suitable for newbies. 

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2. Burton – Best Budget Option

Burton - Best Budget snowboard brand

Burton is a budget brand when it comes to snowboarding. It’s pretty much synonymous with this outdoor activity, and the company was established in 1977. And right from that time, this company has been at the number 1 spot in the snowboarding industry. 

This company makes snowboards for all genders and ages, and they also cater to all skill levels. In addition to that, they make all those snowboarding accessories that you can think of. Burton produces boots, helmets, bindings, accessories, clothing, and everything in addition to the snowboards. 

And when we talk about their snowboards, Burton is right at the top for all the best reasons. They create a wide variety of snowboards, plus they have been pushing their limits to develop unique board designs and introduce new technologies. 

Therefore, they are the pioneers of snowboarding. With so much on offer, Burton will not lose their stronghold on the market anytime soon. 

These snowboards are great when it comes to powerful tuning, and they are exact. You will notice that these snowboards are great because of their snappier suspensions. These boards can distribute weight pretty evenly. And you will have exceptional control right from the tip to the tail.


  • Exceptional quality constructions. 
  • This brand is all about snowboarding. 
  • These snowboards come in directional shapes. 
  • Highly flexible. 
  • You are in full control of your stance. 


  • Not suitable for the learners of the game.  

3. Lib Tech – Best for Youth

Lib Tech - Best Snowboard brand for Young ages

This company has positioned themselves as the best snowboard brand for youth riders.

Lib Tech has been around for many years now. It deals in a variety of different products ranging from snowboards to snowboarding accessories and apparel.  

The company has years and years of experience under its belt. But the company got into the spotlight with its Skate Banana in 2008. This incorporated the original banana technology, and it has now reached legendary status. 

Now, after so many years, the company continues to innovate. As a result, they have built an image of a solid brand and as one of the industry’s pioneers, especially when it comes to sustainability. But still, among many people, they will always regard this company as the creators of Skate Banana. And that might not be a bad thing either. 

This top-quality company is well known for its quality, and those designs set these snowboards apart from the competition. 


  • Lightweight design with excellent flexibility. 
  • A top choice for youth. 
  • Plenty of back designs are available.
  • High-performing snowboards with easy riding style. 
  • Don’t need much maintenance, thanks to the sublimated TNT base. 


  • Less precise on turns. 

4. Jones – Best Premium Option

Jones - Best Premium Option

Jones is one of the top brands when it comes to snowboarding. This company came into being back in 2010. But mind you, it doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on the quality of the products because of their lack of experience. 

This company was founded by the pioneer of big-mountain riding Jeremy Jones. This company only sells a couple of products, and they are all categorized as all-mountain. These offerings come with a price tag, but they are all worth every penny. These products have received numerous awards in a brief period since they were launched. 

They have been creating some of the best boards today on the market. The brand is also an active supporter of the sustainability and climate change movement. The owner himself also created a non-profit which is called Protect Our Winters. 

These snowboards are great for performance, and they come with a unique turning ability. In addition, these boards are made of quality materials, and they are going to last for a long time to come. 


  • These snowboards have a directional shape on them. 
  • Directional flex patterns.
  • Their v-core makes them easily slip at speeds. 
  • Thanks to the traction tech 2.0, your feet will stay on it for longer periods. 


  • Not many snowboard options are available. 

5. Gnu – Best for Pop/Handmade Snowboard

Gnu - Best Snowboard Brand for Pop

Gnu is one of the best brands for snowboarding, and it has been around for many decades. The company was incorporated back in 1977and it is regarded as one of the best brands for handmade snowboards. The company was the first of the major investors in this industry, and they are still one of the biggest names in the industry. 

This brand only focuses on catering to hardcore fans with their high-quality handmade product. It has been shown many times before that they don’t care about how they appeal to the mainstream names of snowboarding. Instead, they understand that they are focusing on a niche that is more serious to the sport. 

Therefore, this brand has a strong following, and they are very loyal to it. These snowboards are old school, and they will always stand the test of time. These boards are one of the best in the market, but the thing is that they are not for the beginner. 

If you have been snowboarding long enough, you will be able to understand the value of these handmade boards and how to use them. 


  • A top choice for handmade snowboards. 
  • Suitable for experienced riders. 
  • Different designs and accessories are available. 
  • Great for old-school snowboards. 


  • Slightly expensive. 

6. Public – Best Demand-Driven Snowboard

Public - Best Demand-Driven Snowboard

This company is all about being demand-driven; you might be asking how’s that? Well, this company works together with the collaboration and advice of its target audience. 

They use the feedback of their riders and use that advice in their construction process to make the snowboards just like the way “Public” likes them.

This is one of the reasons why these snowboards don’t come with a massive price tag due to design and quality. The product line here is not as extensive, but the company focuses more on quality than quantity. This company was founded by Joe Sexton, who was a pro snowboarder himself. 


  • Sturdy material. 
  • The company emphasizes the feedback from its riders. 
  • The company has a strong cult-like following.
  • Quality apparel on offer.


  • Not an extensive line of products. 

7. Rome – Best option for beginners

Rome - Best snowboard brand for beginners

If you are interested in a snowboarding company that handles its customers well, you don’t need to look further. You need to get your next snowboard from Rome. 

They provide you with a warranty and provide you with a money-back guarantee if you purchase from them directly. 

Very soon, they are going to launch their website as well. At best, they were selling through online retailers. But that’s not the case anymore. So, you can purchase from them directly. 

When it comes to producing quality snowboards, the company has been doing that since 1985. 

For a long time, this company has only focused on making snowboards. But now, it has also started making snowboarding accessories. So, this sleeping giant is back with a bang. 


  • Top choice for old-school snowboarders. 
  • High performance, lightweight design. 
  • Made of bamboo for more pop. 
  • Features carbon laminate for more speed. 


  • The accessories available are still pretty limited. 

8. Arbor – All About Boards and Apparel

Arbor- Best snowboard brands

This company is all about boards and all kinds of boards, not just snowboards. You will find longboards and skateboards in their offerings. This seems to be the best outdoor sports company that also deals in apparel.  

But you will notice that their product line is not as extensive as some other brands mentioned here. Some of the snowboards available here are suitable for the specialists and not the newbies. 

But one thing’s for sure, and that is Arbor doesn’t compromise on quality. It started its operations back in 1995, and now it has a range of different snowboards on offer with different designs and suitable for various skill sets. In addition, the company has recently been focusing on being more sustainable. 

The company has also donated to many charities and groups over the years, giving back to the community. Their donations go to the activities to preserve the Koa Forest located in Hawaii. In Addition, the brand has also sent its donations to a range of other environmental organizations. 


  • Focus on outdoor action sports and environmental sustainability. 
  • They have a long list of snowboards and designs. 
  • Both accessories and apparels are available. 
  • High-quality material in the construction. 


  • Not that many options when it comes to snowboarding accessories. 

Snowboard Buyers Guide

Here are some important features that you must consider when buying a snowboard from the best brands.


First, you need to confirm the type of snowboard. There are all-mountain snowboards, freestyle snowboards, freeride, and powder snowboarders. You need to go for the one based on your riding style. 


Also, consider the size of your snowboard. Its length and width are going to matter a lot. Bigger snowboards are difficult to maneuver, but they are more stable. Larger boards have more surface for friction, so they are slighter slower. 


Snowboards have profiles. There are camber boards that have a midsection curved up. Rockers have their midsections curved down. There are flare snowboards and hybrids as well. You need to pick one based on your riding style and preferences. 


With more hardness, you will gain more speeds. But softer boards are flexible, and they are easy to maneuver as well. So, pick the right one based on your preferences. 

Final Thoughts

There are numerous snowboarding brands on the market, but only a few have quality products and services. So, you need to make sure that you go for a company that has all the boards and gears suitable for your riding styles. And also, consider all the important factors when buying your favorite snowboard. It’s not just about the designs and appearance. 


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