How to Start a Business With NO MONEY!

Grant Wydeven

No Money? No Problem! Start a Business With Zero Money Today

We live in an AMAZING time in history where just about anyone with an idea can start a business without the need for large capital and investors. And today I’m going to show you exactly how to start a business with no money!

1. What Should Your Business Be?

With most businesses regardless of having money or having $0 you need to decide whether you’ll offer a product or service to your future customers. Since your budget is limiting think of what you already own or know that you could monetize. If you’re knowledgeable about a topic consider offering one on one coaching, creating a course, etc. If you own a ride mower consider offering lawn care services. Be creative here.

2. How to build awareness for your business?

Once you have a business idea with no money you know need people to know you exist and be able to find you online and offline.

Here are some free resources you NEED to use. Firstly create a Facebook page. They are free and some smaller businesses that do well for themselves use a FB page instead of a website. If you are going to be a local business and service your community make a Google My Business Listing.

You can use your home address if needed, but this will allow people to discover your business on Google Maps when either searching your name or the products/services you offer. Inside the GMB platform Google even offers a somewhat basic free website builder tool. Use it!

3. How to get more customers?

For online businesses there are endless 3rd party site and resources to use to get in front of your future customers.

For eCommerce businesses you can use eBay, Facebook marketplace, etsy and many more. Often times it’s either free to list your products or you only pay the fees after you’ve made a sale and received your money.

You can also optimize your free website for higher rankings in Google search. Not only is this free but good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) alone can help grow a massive business.

For local businesses consider getting listed in a directory, joining your chamber of commerce, going to meetups and even direct mail and door knocking.

4. How to grow your business?

After you begin to generate revenue it’s imperative to reinvest as much money as possible for sustainable growth for the business.

Consider purchasing more inventory, better equipment, a professional site and dabbling with paid advertising. Prioritize your spending on things that have a high potential for immediate growth.

Video Transcript:

So you want to start a business, but you’re strapped for cash. I totally get it. But even with little or even zero money, you can not only start to begin to grow an awesome business. And in this video, I’m going to be showing you exactly. Oh, and I won’t be using things like loans. Angel investors, or even your parents cash.

This is purely solo. So here is how to start a business with no money later in this video, I’m even going to be giving you five awesome examples, just moneymaking machine businesses. And man example, number five is one that I used when I was 18 making just a couple of hundred dollars a week. Which has now generated me over $400,000.

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So do what you have to do, share it with all your friends. And family. I really try to give away at least a thousand dollars and with all this stuff out of the way, let’s get into it. Okay. So step number one on how to start a business with no money is first deciding what your business is going to offer.

Oftentimes you have two options to choose from offering a product. Or a service product maybe being closed or a service, maybe being lawn care. Now, even though we’re starting with no money, I’ll be showing you exactly why both of these options are viable. So at this point, you’re going to want to take time to reflect just because our cash is so short here, you’re going to need to look around you.

What do you not only own, but what do you know that you could possibly monitor ties? Do you own a lawnmower that you could call around the neighborhood mowing people’s lawns? For maybe 15 to $20 a pop, are you musically gifted and are really good at an instrument that people would be interested in learning how to play from you?

There are a bunch of different things. If you’re amazing at piano, you could either offer one, two online teachings. You could do a piano tuning service you could and make an online course teaching how to play piano and all of these opportunities to make money all STEM from your knowledge of knowing how to play this beautiful instrument.

As long as there’s something you own or know that people are willing to pay for you have yourself a business idea. Now this is easily. One of the hardest parts is coming up with what your business is going to offer. And this is what stumbles a lot, right? Two people. So take your time with this step.

Because it is going to be your foundation and it must be a good idea for this business idea to work in the long run. But what’d you think, you know what you’re going to sell? It’s time to move on to step number two, step number two on creating a business with no money is making a presence for yourself.

Not only online, but yeah. Offline. You see, once you have a business idea, no one knows that you exist or that to even offer said product or service. How exactly with your limited budget, do you get people to know about you. Well, we’re going to be going over three examples and resources that you guys need to be using first and foremost, Facebook is free and will always be free if you were on there.

Be sure to make a business page. I know local restaurants to this day that do very well for themselves and don’t even have a website. So as long as you we’re creating a business page, filling out the section, having quality images, as well as contact information yeah. Can appear as a very legitimate business.

Secondly, if you are local and you are looking for people in your area, I just realized they kind of sounded like a specific kind of ad I see sometimes. But yeah, if you are looking for people in your area, it’s important that you provide a business address and create a Google my business listing. This can be your home.

It doesn’t have to be a, a building or commercial unit that you end up renting out month to month. But just by having a business address and we can even throw that in quotes. If we want to, we’ll have the ability to create this listing and begin showing up on Google maps when people are searching not only your business name, but any sort of service that you offer, this is a great way to help get your first customer, which we’re going to be going over very shortly now, inside the Google, my business listing platform, Google even offers you the ability to make a free site.

Albeit it’s quite basic. Drag and drop with limiting options. It is a site nonetheless, you can get for free. So you should have a Facebook page, a Google, my business listing that is going to appear on Google maps and a free site within Google. This is a great start to a business with no money to its name is going to work as a means for people to not only find you when looking for your related product or service, but also validate you as a legitimate business.

When they look up your name now, the next step for any business, starting with no money is getting your phone first customer. This is another part in this process where a lot of people get tripped up, fail, and then end up quitting. You see the saying, build it and people will come no longer applies. In this day and age, there needs to be outbound reach customer acquisition and the continuous efforts to get more clientele.

Now, since we’re strapped for cash, we do have limited options, but none of these are at all a bad idea, but in fact, amazing opportunities to grow a business. Even with the price tag of $0 million. The first one, and this idea alone can carry and grow a business is optimizing your site for Google search.

It is free to do SEO efforts on your site to make sure you rank higher on Google. These things. SEO tactics are what I taught in my other video, explaining how even the smallest blogs can make an insane amount of money month, which I’ll have linked up here. And in the description, if you want to check that out, But by simply rephrasing the words you would already put onto a page, structuring your metadata properly, adding image, all tags, proper internal linking, and a bunch more things out there you can begin to show up with even the most successful businesses, not only in your area, but across the country.

Now those terms might’ve sounded complicated, but honestly, SEO is quite basic and very easy to grasp. And by applying it to your site, you will begin to get consistent free traffic from Google every single day by mastering this one thing alone can easily explode a business. Another amazing opportunity, not only for selling services, but selling products are websites that are free to post online, such as Facebook marketplace, eBay, Etsy, and other third party sellers.

No, because a lot of these other businesses need to make money. They do sometimes take a commission or a cut of your sale. What’s awesome about this is that that sale or that cuts that they take from your purchase comes out after the fact. So you have already received the money from the customer. An example would be you selling an item on eBay for $50.

eBay might end up taking a 10% cut of that. But you won’t have to pay those supposedly $5 until after that purchase has already gone through. And you’ve received your $50. Now on the topic of eBay, here is a little secret to share with you guys, unlike social media advertising, like paying for ads on Facebook or Instagram, or even paying for ads on Amazon, you can boost your product listing on eBay all the way to the top using eBay advertising.

But you’re thinking, how can I afford to do that? If we’re starting a business with $0 million. Well, an awesome thing about this is similar to the rest of eBay fees. They’re not taken out until the end, so you can continue to have your product. Listed at the top of eBay search via an ad placement, but you don’t pay a dime until after the sale has happened.

It’s a set percentage. This is a great way to get exposure for a brand new business that would otherwise be drowned out. And maybe on the third or fourth page of eBay. Especially if you’re in a competitive industry, if you’re a local business, you can look towards things like local business meetups, try and get into any sort of local directories.

See if there’s any specialists going on for joining your local chamber of commerce. You could even try door knocking or direct mail. These are just a few options that you can use. To spread awareness for your business in your local committee. Now trying out any, if not all of them, these ideas for getting your first customer is a sure fire way to make that first sale.

And man, does it feel good? But once that first purchase happens, this is just the beginning and opens the flood Gates to the possibilities of what your business could flourish into. So step number four that I wanted to include on starting a business with no money is making sure to reinvest into your business for growth in the early stages, you should be taking none of this profit and turning it into income for yourself.

Maybe just a means to survive if you need to. But other than that, all of it should be going back into the business. For sustainable growth for an eCommerce store that may be trying out digital advertising on Facebook or store. It might be taking the time to move to a better website platform and maybe pay $30 a month for support.

It might be buying more inventory or better equipment for the services you offer and all the time, if you stay consistent with this. Every single day, you will have a better chance of just continuing to grow your business. So now let’s go over those five examples of just insane moneymaking that practically anyone can do, even with no money.

And man, you do not want to miss out on example, number five here. Now, first on the list, I have a painting company. It is not very labor intensive, but it’s something that I’ve done in the past. Even my teachers back in high school did during the summer to make a bunch of money. And it takes little experience, if anything at all, but simply speaking, painting a home, whether it be the interior or exterior is just something that not a lot of people like to do.

And especially for older people, they just simply can’t do it. And they don’t want to be climbing up on a ladder. The reason that takes no money is because oftentimes if you’re just working within the local community, the customers you’ll be working with will provide their own paint. They know what color they want.

The interior exterior. You just simply have to bring a brush and any equipment you need. To get the job done, bring some friends she wants to, if there’s enough profit there for you, speed up the process and get as many homes down as you possibly can. And next on the list, we have an online course. This is something that I did in the book pass.

It took me a couple months to put my information together into a course used platforms like teachable, for example, and by joining different Facebook groups. I was able to connect with the right people that needed my information and I was able to sell it my course to hundreds of people in just my first week of publishing it back to the example of the piano.

If you have knowledge that you like to share with people, whether it be incredibly advanced or something basic like playing a new instrument, people are always willing to pay a fee. If they find it reasonable. To put them on a fast track to performing that said task faster. Would you rather struggle to learn how to play piano on your own?

Or would you pay 50 plus dollars for a seven day program that can bring you from absolute novice to a moderate level of piano skills? What’s awesome about this business too, is it is almost pure profit here. There’s very little overhead. Besides your time recording the videos or making the lessons, you have almost zero expenses, so you can make a lot of money doing this.

I have seen people make tens of thousands of dollars in their first month doing this, but that is still nothing compared to example number five, which I’m getting to real shortly next up another online opportunity to make money. Is YouTube. It can be a little slow start for sure. But if you truly have a passion for just sitting down in front of a camera and speaking to people and building a community, it is a great opportunity to make money throughout the day.

And even while you sleep, sleep, as long as you’re able to hit the thousands of scriber. Benchmark and the 4,000 hour watch time requirement, you can begin to get monetized on YouTube and make money. Every single time you get a view. I have a video right here that it’ll have linked above explaining just how much money I made my first month on YouTube after being partnered.

And man, the results were insane. For those of you looking for a more labor intensive, offline business to start junk removal is a massive opportunity with more people than ever in today’s age hoarding, just insane amounts of items. I mean, just think storage units are a massive business right now, and that just goes to show how much stuff people have that they literally have to.

Pay a monthly fee to just put it somewhere. It could be as simple as just removing stuff from someone’s garage, it could be a demolished building. So you could be working with anyone from your neighbor to a local business. People are always going to need junk removed, and they don’t want to have to do it themselves.

All you need is a car and a trailer and a business name, and you got yourself an opportunity to make some good money. Oftentimes it’s the stuff that you’re moving. It’s still in good condition. You can even double dip here and get paid to not only move the item, but then just go ahead and sell the UNIM yourself online.

Maybe via Facebook marketplace, eBay, et cetera. Netting you even more profit. Now, finally, example number five that I personally did when I was making just a couple of hundred dollars a week, it was able to scale this business up to today where it makes well over six figures every single year. And that is dropshipping.

Now I’ll have a future video explaining this concept in its entirety. So don’t forget to subscribe. So you don’t miss out on that future video. But basically with little expenses upfront, no overhead and only paying money. Once I’ve made a sale, I was able to work with wholesalers to market their products on a website that I created, bring traffic to it via social media and Google searches, and basically sell inventory that I didn’t even have to house touch or even see.

I simply found a product that I wanted to sell, created a page on my website, promoting said, product brought traffic to that page. Had someone purchase the product and then I would have the supplier ship it to them all. For me, for those of you who are a little tech savvy, always wanted to know, run a business themselves, but never really had any sort of product that they created.

This is an amazing opportunity to make an insane amount of money doing what you love. So there you have it. That is how you start a business with no money. If you found this video helpful, don’t forget to smash the like button. Let’s try and get as many views as possible in this video. So I can give out as much money as possible to you guys for supporting me.

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