How to Destroy a Credit Card

It used to be easy to destroy an old credit card with a pair of scissors or even a shredder at home. Disposing of a metal credit card is a few steps more complicated than ever before since more and more issuers are switching over – and this trend seems to be here to stay. … Read more

Can Credit Cards Get Wet?

If your credit card gets wet there’s no need to panic or get a replacement. The chip and magnetic strip that stores your personal information on the credit card is water-resistant and won’t be affected by moisture. Credit cards are designed to withstand some repeatedly harsh daily usage. This post contains affiliate links. If you … Read more

Chime SpotMe Program Review 2021

It’s time for a Chime SpotMe program review, updated for 2021! In 2018, Americans paid $34 billion in overdraft fees on top of the $32 billion in charges reflected in the draft itself. Nobody can deny the dislike we all share for overdraft charges. As a result, the SpotMe program offers an untroubled shoulder to … Read more

Can You Use Debit Card on Steam?

Yes. Steam will accept most debit cards wen looking to make a purchase on their platform. If you don’t have a credit card, Steam gift card, PayPal or money in your Steam wallet, a debit card should get the job done. Make sure you have enough money in your account to fund your transaction or … Read more

Does Aldi Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, Aldi accepts credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Aldi will also accept payment from most debit cards, SNAP and EBT. ALDI Payment Questions Below you’ll find answers to questions involving forms of payment that Aldi will accept when you visit their grocery store. Does Aldi Accept Apple Pay? Yes, Aldi will … Read more

Do Credit Cards Have Routing Numbers?

Credit cards do not have routing numbers. Credit cards simply don’t need them. Routing numbers are only required to transfer funds from one account to another via wire transfers, checks, etc. It’s understandable why someone might think that credit cards have routing numbers. Almost all credit cards have a 16 digit number either on the … Read more