Burlington Credit Card – Login, Payment, Application

Burlington Credit Card

Enjoy loads of perks when you sign up for a Burlington Coat Factory credit card and buy online.

Let’s review the Burlington credit card bonuses, how to login and make payments, as well as how to fill out the application.

Already a member? Login here to manage your account online.

Burlington Credit Card Bonuses

First let’s talk about the sign up bonus, because you know every store credit card has one.

Signing up for the Burlington card gets you 10% off your first in-store purchase today. So the purchase has to take place in-store, not online and is only valid the day you sign up.

The for every purchase afterwards you’ll receive 1 point for every $1 spent on Burlington purchases using your Burlington credit card.


Burlington Loyalty Program

If you’re considering getting the Burlington credit card you might as well sign up for their loyalty program as well.

Here is what’s included.

  1. Extended, receipt-free returns on Burlington purchases
  2. Early Access Alerts – exclusive email notifications of new arrivals & fresh markdowns.
  3. $5 Bonus on all completed Layaways

Join the loyalty program here.

Burlington Credit Card Application

You can apply for the Burlington credit card here.

Please note that you must meet the following criteria. You must be over the age of 18 and have a valid government issued ID. Additionally, you must have a valid address and a tax ID.

A credit score of at least 700 should help with the pre-approval process for the Burlington card.

Burlington Credit Card Login

If you already have the credit card you can follow this simple guide to logging in to your online account.

  1. Start by visiting the comenity.net portal.

2. On the left hand side, you can fill in the username and password fields

apply for burlington coat factory credit card

3. Click Sign In once you’ve filled both fields

does burlington have a credit card

If you’ve entered your information correctly you should now be logged into your online portal.

Burlington Credit Card Payment

There are currently three methods for you to make a payment on your Burlington credit card: Online, by mail and by phone.

Online: Online payments are by far the easiest and you should follow the steps above to get logged in and make your payment. Once signed in you can also set up automatic payments for easier management in the future.

Phone: You can make a payment by phone by calling 1-877-213-6741 or 1-888-819-1918 (TDD/TTY). Follow the prompts you here and eventually you’ll be able to make a payment. Note, that you may be charged a small additional fee for payments processed over the phone.

Mail: The final method for paying your credit card is by mail. The address to send your payment to will be displayed on your billing statement. If you’ve opted-in for online statements be on the lookout for an email with this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use the Burlington Coat Factory credit card?

You can use the Burlington credit card almost anywhere that accepts credit cards. Just know that you will not be earning any points on purchases outside of Burlington Coat Factory.

Where do I apply for a Burlington Credit Card?

You can apply for the Burlington credit card on Comenity’s website since they are the bank the card is run through. This is also the same website where you can sign into your account and make online payments.

How to pay Burlington credit card?

You can pay the Burlington credit card via mail, phone or online using the Comenity bank portal.

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