Can Credit Cards Get Wet?

can credit cards get wet

If your credit card gets wet there’s no need to panic or get a replacement. The chip and magnetic strip that stores your personal information on the credit card is water-resistant and won’t be affected by moisture. Credit cards are designed to withstand some repeatedly harsh daily usage.

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Instances where your credit card may get wet include:

  • Your credit card getting a nice clean in the washing machine after forgetting it in your pant pocket
  • Your credit card being dropped in a body of water
  • Spilling something on your credit card
  • You got soaked a rain storm

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How to Dry Your Credit Card

Once you’ve experienced the unfortunate event of getting your credit card wet, the next step is finding a safe way to dry it out.

If it’s just a little moisture a quick shake should be enough to remove any remaining droplets. However, if your credit card was wet for a prolonged period of time (maybe at the bottom of a puddle) you can instead use the rice trick.

  1. Fill a plastic zip lock bag with white rice, insert your card and seal the bag
  2. Wait 24 for 48 hours before removing your credit card to ensure the rice has absorbed all the water

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What to Do With a Broken Credit Card

Your credit card may have withstanded the washing machine, but the dryer is a different story. Both the heat and the constant tumbling the dryer uses to, well dry clothes can be very damaging for your credit card.

This can often leave the card warped or bent permanently effecting the usage of the card.

If this happens to you and your credit card has lost it’s usability, your only solution then would be to contact your credit card issuer and request a new card.

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