Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car

Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car

Being car-owners and regular drivers, we all understand how much extra money the gas bills and car maintenance can add to our monthly budget. But, we have a quick solution to this, which will help you save some dollars every month. Did you know you can get paid to advertise on your car?

If not, you should learn about it right now and start a source of passive income by generating some side money while driving your car.

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Legit Companies That Pay You to Advertise On Your Car

Here is the list of the legit car advertising companies that you can join today!

1. ReferralCars

How the program works:

The process of joining ReferralCars is very simple, and you get started by entering your ZIP code. You can then view several car advertising jobs available in your area.

The next step is to fill an online application. Here you need to fill out information regarding:

  • The car’s make and model
  • Car insurance
  • Total miles you drive in a year

When the company feels you’re eligible for the position, the account manager will reach out to you and provide the details regarding the campaign. When everything is approved between you two, you’ll receive a decal, for which you’ll pay the delivery charges.

Then, you’ll activate the decal through the website using the given unique keyword. The company will also ask for the picture of the decal on the car as proof, which you’ll keep updating every month. Within just a few days you’ll be starting your side hustle by getting paid to advertise on your car.


  • The company offers both commission-based and non-commission-based jobs. In this way, you can increase your income by earning a reimbursement besides the specified salary for commission-based jobs.
  • You get the decals at your doorstep. It saves a lot of your time.
  • It gives quick money. Once you accept a campaign, you’ll get your payment within 90 days. Otherwise, you enjoy a $100 gift card!
  • Many of the decals are small. So, you don’t have to worry about the decal occupying the whole car.


  • You pay for the delivery fee of the decal. It may not seem feasible to everyone.
  • You’ll also have to apply the decal yourself.

How much can you earn?

All campaigns offer a different salary. Commission-based jobs are better.

advertise on your car
Individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicle impressions

2. Wrapify

How the program works:

Wrapify offers campaigns to the drivers according to their driving style.

Joining Wrapify requires you to download the app and register yourself as a driver. The company will check your driving habits and offer campaigns according to the places in which you drive.

The campaigns will be from advertisers located within 50 miles from your location.

When a campaign seems suitable, you can register for it and get the advertise placed on your car. The money you earn will depend on the miles covered.


  • You get weekly payments. So, no need to wait for the month to end. Enjoy payments through direct deposit.
  • Wrapify has short campaigns, lasting between 1 to 3 months only.
  • You can also select campaigns yourself and choose different types of wraps.


  • You have to drive 50 miles daily.
  • You cannot break the contract unless finished. Otherwise, get ready to pay termination fees.
  • The car shouldn’t have more than two accidents in the last three years, with the model no older than 2010.

How much can you earn?

The money depends on the miles you drive. In general, the salary is $200 to $450 per month for most drivers.

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3. Nickelytics

How the program works:

Like all other programs, Nickelytics works by installing the app on your mobile and filling the application form. The questions are simple and include:

  • Information about the driver
  • Your driving habits and area
  • Car’s information

While driving, you have to keep the app activated because Nickelytics uses mileage logs to track your performance. Depending on your driving habits, the company will show you the designs that fit your demand.

When you qualify for a campaign, the company will manage everything and let you know about it.


  • Nickelytics has excellent tracking metrics with the mileage logs. You get paid accurately.
  • You have two options for the wrap: custom install and self-install.
  • The company also has three wrapping options. You are free to choose the kind of wrap.


  • It has several requirements, which include covering 30 miles a day, and the car model being no older than 2010.
  • Nickelytics will hire drivers from its nine markets only, based in Florida.
  • You have to work for longer campaigns, ranging from 3 to 9 months.

How much can you earn?

The earnings depend on the miles covered and the type of wrap. In general, you can earn around $170-$250 monthly. Some drivers with full wraps also earn $500 per month.

4. Carvertise

How the program works:

To sign up for Carvertise, you have to visit the website and fill the application form. The questions are simple, and the company will ask for basic information about you and your car.

When you get qualified, they will check your driving routine and recommend brands near you. You can select any campaign you want. Once qualified, you’ll visit the location and get the decal applied to your car.


  • You are free to choose campaigns. You can also get qualified for more than one campaign, which helps increase your income.
  • Carvertise also pays for a parked car. It depends on where your car is parked during a specific time.
  • The company also has various wrap options from which you can choose.
  • You will find all types of campaigns. Shorter campaigns will be of 2 months, while longer ones can be of 6 months.


  • You should drive 30 miles or more a day with a 2008-model or newer vehicle.
  • It is essential to have a clean driving record. The company will check it before hiring you.

How much can you earn?

Depending on the campaign and size of the wrap, you earn $100-$300 monthly. Longer campaigns with full wraps may pay up to $1200.

5. StickerRide

How the program works:

Like all other programs, StickerRide requires the drivers to download the app and fill the registration form by answering a few simple questions.

Once registered, you can apply to open campaigns. When you get qualified for one, you will visit the workshop to get the wrap installed. Now, you are ready to drive and earn!


  • You get the freedom to choose campaigns.
  • With the mileage logs option, you get paid for every mile you drive.
  • You can also earn bonuses by participating in short and easy tasks, like clicking a picture of your car in a famous location.


  • The requirements are different for all campaigns. You can only apply for it if you’re eligible.
  • You have to be consistent with logging. If you forget to log into the app, you lose your money.

How much can you earn?

There is no flat rate while working with StickerRide. The points you get depend on the location, car model, time, and decal.

How to Find Legitimate Car Advertising Companies?

While all the companies listed above are legitimate, you may face scams if you prefer other companies. But, there’s always a way of showing your diligence and avoiding such companies.

Here are the things that will save you from scams and help you find the right car advertising company.

·Registration fee

Any company that demands a registration fee is definitely a scam. If you come across such a company, consider looking for some other.

·Car insurance

If you don’t have car insurance, no reputable company will hire you. If a company does not have any insurance requirements, it isn’t the one you’ve been looking for.

·Customer service

Where should you head when you face a problem with the app?

Of course, the customer service!

Reputable car advertising companies will have responsive customer service to help the drivers. If the company has poor customer service or no service at all, it will most probably be a scam.

·Decal installing fee

While some car advertising companies ask you to pay the delivery charges if the decal reaches your doorstep, none of them will ask you to cover the cost of the decal or its installation.

·Application form

Reputable car advertising companies have an application form in which you fill the details. If a company doesn’t have any form, it isn’t a legitimate company.

·Payment options

Every legitimate car advertising company will abide by its rules of payment. Some prefer weekly payments via direct deposits. If a company offers upfront payment, it might be a scam.

What are the Requirements These Companies Look For in a Driver?

The requirements to advertise on your car vary from company to company. However, almost everyone will have the following requirements:

  • A clean driving record
  • A car in good condition
  • Car insurance and driving license
  • You must not remove the ad from the car until the contract finishes.
  • You must be over 18 years old.
  • The car model should be no older than a specific year mentioned.
  • You must have a GPS or use the one provided by the company.

Final Thoughts on Getting Paid to Advertise on Your Car

Earning money while simply driving around is the best alternative to earn some extra cash. So, why not reach out to a car advertising company and get your wrap?

But, as mentioned in the article, you might face scams if you’re doing it for the first time. Our list of legitimate car advertising companies will help you find the right one and get paid to advertise on your car!

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