Selling Used Clothes for Cash – Websites and Stores Near You!

sell used clothes for cash at places nearby
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We all have to admit that we have piles of used clothes in our homes that we no longer want to wear, or in other words, they don’t spark joy! So, what to do with all these clothes? What if I tell you about selling used clothes and making cash out of them? There are most likely even local consignment shops near you looking to pay good money for your used clothes.

Yes, you heard that right! Although we fear nobody would want to buy our used clothes, there are plenty of platforms where people continuously sell the clothes they no longer use, and others keep buying them!

Selling your used clothes is an easy method of making some extra cash. If you have enough clothes laying around this might even become a reliable side hustle. So, here are a few tips and some reliable platforms that will quickly convince you to get the pile of used clothes out of your closet and start selling them.

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How to Get The Most Cash From Your Used Clothes?

Your used clothes may be the source of pleasure for someone else. But, selling used clothes still requires a few considerations. We have a few tips that will help you get the most cash from your clothes.

Millennials and Gen Z Causing Surge in Used Clothing Demand - Planet Aid,  Inc.

Sell branded clothes

Do you have so many expensive branded clothes you don’t wear anymore? Well, they can help you get more cash than unbranded clothes!

As people cannot wear the clothes while buying them online, they often prefer buying branded used clothes they are familiar with. In this way, they would get a chance to try their favorite brand!

However, some people might prefer a vintage dress or a beautiful handbag with captivating looks but no brand name.

Make sure they look ‘’nearly’’ new

Although used clothes are never new, we can always give them a ‘’nearly’’ new look by cleaning them properly. It’s a common fact that nobody would buy torn or dirty clothes.

As the customers will only see the pictures, make sure the appearance of your clothes is top-notch. If you’re selling them locally, a better idea is to iron and fold them properly and keep them inside a pretty basket to enhance their look.

In the case of online stores, you can always wash and iron them. Most stores will ask you to clean the clothes before selling them and remove the wrinkles. As appearance matters, make sure it doesn’t go neglected.

Take perfect pictures

Would you be inspired to buy a dress hanging from a wire hanger with no clue of the stitch? Of course not!

So, if you want people to buy your used clothes online, a better idea is to make them picture-perfect! You can also wear the clothes yourself for the pictures and feel like a supermodel. Enhancing the look with a few garments and a nice wristwatch will make it attractive.

But most of all, a good-quality camera is important. Your pictures should be of high quality and taken from the right angle!

Stay active

If you sell one shirt once a year, chances are you might not attract potential buyers. So, several websites recommend buying and selling used clothes every three months. In this way, you will stay active, and the buyers will continuously get to see beautiful clothes to buy for every season.

Sell current styles

Your old summer clothes are not going to be sold in the winter. In the same way, people won’t buy outdated clothes.

If you want to sell your used clothes quickly, a better idea is to display the latest ones that match the current style and season.

Look at your clothes and think, will people find them easily in local stores? If not, then it’s the perfect item to sell and get cash.

Find the best platforms

You can sell your used clothes in two ways: either through consignment stores or online platforms. Online platforms or websites are easy to approach your buyers, and they take less commission than local stores.

If you’re worried about finding the best platform, we have a list later in the article waiting for you!

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How Much Money Can You Make Selling Clothes?

The clothing business is perhaps one of the most profitable industries. Whether new or used, clothes can always help you generate profits.

Even a single pair of used jeans that you sell may give you a return of $4-$5. Similarly, t-shirts can help you make $2-$3 on every purchase.

The money you make will vary from store to store. It also depends on the type of clothes you sell. Some clothes will sell for less than $10, while others may sell for almost $50.

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Best Local Places To Sell Used Clothes

Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet, probably one of the most well know consignment stores in the US. There clothing options are geared more towards teens and young adults, offering branded clothes like Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, H&M, Nike and Obey.

There are over 460 Plato’s Closet locations in North America.

Buffalo Exchange

As Buffalo Exchange is located in 17 different states and has customers from many different places. They offer to sell the items by visiting the store or through the mail.

The mailing process may take a few weeks. But in the case of in-store selling, you get the money on the spot.

They also have different commissions and pay 25% of their selling price in cash or 50% in a Digital Trade Card.

They also ask their customers to keep the used clothes limited to 50 items.

Little Bird Nesting Company

Just as the name suggests, Little Bird Nesting Company is a local used clothing store for toddlers and children up to 8 years old. They have no limit for selling the clothes, and you can even sell them gently-used baby gear!

The company has both cash and trade-in options. They want you to bring the clothes stacked and washed properly.

Depending on various factors, they offer 25% or 50% of their retail price if you choose the cash option and 40% or 70% from the trade-in option.

Clothes Mentor

There is likely a Clothes Mentor near you, having 125 stores across 28 states in the US. They take all types of items from almost all brands. However, the chances of earning a good profit are relatively low.

They price most of their clothes at about one-third or half of the original price, and you will get one-third or half of that price too.

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Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes Online


Ebay has proved to be the best marketplace for selling used clothes in the past many years. The platform is flooded with clothes to sell, and newer ones continue to flourish your feed.

You can either sell the clothes to the highest bidder or sell them at a fixed rate. When selling designer clothes, the bidding option is the most profitable.

Luckily, Ebay only takes 10% as its commission from the final price making it a great place to make extra money selling your used clothes.


Etsy is another online platform with over 1.7 million sellers. So, making your position here may require patience. It is famous for handmade goods and used clothes.

Etsy has a reasonably low fee as it takes 3% of the payment processing fee and 3.5% transaction fee.

Once you run out of free credits, every listing will cost $0.2. So, make sure you sell the right clothes and design amazing looking listings.

The RealReal

The RealReal is a highly convenient website for people who want to sell their clothes online. Once you get a buyer, you can send them through USPS. Luckily, The RealReal also offers a free in-home pickup in the selected areas only!

The clothes posted on The RealReal sell very quickly, making it the best place for anyone who wants quick money and cannot wait for months.

It’s important to note that they take a 25% commission from the sale price.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces, and selling your used clothes will be a child’s play here. Facebook also has its own payment service. You can connect it to your Debit card and get money for every sale.

The marketplace will show your clothes to people who live nearby, and the interested ones will contact you with a message.

You can also join some local groups where people within driving distance can buy and sell clothes, making it more convenient. For this, search for ‘’yard sale pages’’ and get added to the group. Here, you are free to sell your used clothes the way you want.

ASOS Marketplace

Just like Facebook, the ASOS Marketplace is pretty common for buying and selling used clothes. They have a user-friendly system, and selling clothes is straightforward.

However, ASOS has a few exceptions. You can only sell men’s or women’s clothes, not children’s. But, the fact that ASOS takes only 10% commission has convinced people to use it often.

It contains all kinds of clothes. If you cannot sell your unbranded clothes anywhere, it will be the best place!

Final thoughts

Selling used clothes would be super easy and quick for you after reading our review. So, why keep piling the old clothes when you can sell them and generate some side cash? When you choose the right platform, make sure to follow our tips and sell your clothes within days!

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