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Learning to budget your money is the foundation for personal finance. Learning to create and follow a budget within your income that still allows you to enjoy the fun things life has to offer couldn’t be more important.

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How to Save Money as a Teenager

I’m going to be showing you how to save money as a teenager, but more specifically, I’m going to be showing you 10 money saving tips to do in your teens that will have you saving more money than people twice your age, all without having to work a single hour more at your job. Enjoy these awesome teenager money management tips that can help save for a car. Read more

How to Save Money With Low Income

I’m talking about how to save money with low income, but more specifically, I’m showing you how to save thousands of dollars, even on the lowest of incomes without having to pinch every penny. If you stay tuned to the end, I’m showing you how to save.$6,000 in just 12 months making only $10 an hour. So if you’re struggling with debt you’re behind on rent and just never seem to have any money saved at the end of the month, then listen really closely. Read more

How to Become a Millionaire With $5 a Day

To become a millionaire you need to be smart, creative, hard working, live off 4 hours of sleep and need a great idea….. OR you just need $5 a day. Here I’m going to show you how to become a millionaire with $5 a day. Here’s a hint: Compound interest makes you rich. Read more