How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Bumper?

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If you recently got in a fender bender you might be asking, how much does it cost to repair a bumper?

The cost to repair a car bumper depends on various factors and can be anything from $150 to $1500. In some cases, the bumper repair cost may be around $50. However, it can also be more than $1500 in case of significant damage to the bumper.

So, let’s discuss the individual costs of repairing bumpers depending upon the damage.

Bumper Repair Cost

Car bumpers can face different kinds of damage. It may be a small dent or minor scratches. In other cases, the bumper may get cracked or develop a hole. The following are the costs to repair such bumpers.

Dent Repair Cost

Traditional dent repairs might save you from replacing the bumper and spending extra money. As the prices of bumper repairs vary, you can expect to pay around $100 to more than $500.

Different technicians will also have different charges. The process involves pulling out the area of the dent, smoothening it, and then painting the scratches.

Paintless Dent Repair Cost

As the name suggests, the technician will only pull out the dent and smoothen the area while repairing the paintless dent. He won’t paint the scratches. So, this technique is less costly.

The paintless dent repair cost ranges from $150 – $250.

However, this process is not suitable for plastic bumpers.

Cracks and Holes Repair Cost

Repairing the cracks and holes in the car bumper may cost you somewhere between $300 and $450. The price may increase to $500+ if your car uses expensive paint.

In this process, the technician will fill the cracks and holes using a plastic filler. Then, he will buff the coat and make it smooth. Once smooth, the next step is to paint the area.

Scratches Repair Cost

Repairing minor scratches is a quick job and the technician may take around $50 – $100 to paint the area.

However, deep scratches need more time as the technicians remove the entire layer of paint and repaint the surface. So, you can expect to pay $300 – $600 for this purpose.

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Bumper Replacement Cost

Just like the repairing costs, bumper replacement costs vary widely depending on the complexity of the process and the make and model of your car.

The total cost of replacing a bumper is between $800 and $1,500 for traditional cars. However, if you own a luxury car or an SUV, the cost will increase significantly.

The cost of buying a new bumper is also different and will depend on the model of your car. While most bumpers won’t cost more than $500, the bumpers of luxury cars can cost as much as $1500. This cost is only for the car bumper.

Putting the labor costs into account, get ready to pay at least $400 – $600. It is because replacing the car bumper and painting it is a complicated process and the technicians also spend a few hours checking the other parts of the vehicle associated with the bumper.

What Factors Affect The Cost to Repair a Bumper?

Several factors come into consideration while repairing or replacing the car bumper.

· Car model and year

The car model and year are the most important factors that determine the price of the bumper. Traditional and older cars tend to have lesser bumper replacement costs.

However, if you own a luxury car, get ready to pay more than expected! It is because luxury cars use high-quality and unique materials, and repairing the bumper can be expensive.

· Car type

The size and type of the car are also important to consider. The bumper repairing costs of smaller and traditional cars are less. However, the bumpers of vans and SUVs cost much more.

· Bumper material

Different vehicles use different kinds of bumpers. While most car bumpers are made of plastic, others consist of a blend of different materials. In today’s cars, the bumpers often have an aluminum or steel bar with a plastic covering.

· Extent of damage

If your car bumper faces minor scratches, the repairing costs won’t be too much. However, the price can become much higher if the bumper has many dents and scratches.

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Where Should I Get My Bumper Repaired?

You can either repair the bumper yourself or take the car to a professional technician.

However, we only recommend repairing the bumper yourself if the damage is minor and you are aware of the technical aspects of the car.

In case of huge damage, you can get your bumper repaired or replaced at a nearby shop. The process of repairing a car bumper is time-taking, and you might have to leave your car there.

So, a better idea is to get it repaired at a professional and nearby body repair shop.

Insurance Vs. Paying Out Of Pocket

Whether you should pay out of pocket or use the insurance claim will depend on the type of damage to your bumper.

When should you pay out of pocket?

A better idea is to pay out of your pocket when the damage to the bumper is minor. In this case, the total cost of repairing the bumper will be lower than your insurance deductible. So, we recommend paying out of pocket.

Such a strategy will also prevent filing an insurance claim. Furthermore, such claims increase your rates.

When should you make use of insurance?

You can make use of your car insurance if it covers the cost of collision damage. This collision coverage will pay for the repairing costs of your vehicle and the vehicle with which you collided.

However, if you didn’t choose the collision coverage damage, you will have to cover the expenses yourself. In case the accident was the fault of the other driver, you can contact its insurance company and ask for the repair and replacement costs.

While collision between two cars is the most common reason behind a damaged bumper, other accidents may also come into account. Insurance companies also offer comprehensive coverage, which comes with a deductible. The comprehensive coverage will cover the repair costs in the following cases:

  • Water damage
  • Theft
  • Natural disasters
  • Damage due to hitting an animal
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Civil disturbance

Bumper Repair Process

Repairing the car bumper is a step-by-step process and may take some time. However, depending on the severity of the damage, you can expect a few days.

In general, repairing a bumper involves the following steps:

  • The technician will clean the affected area before starting the process.
  • If the bumper is pressed inside, he will use the appropriate tools to heat the area. Once heated, the technician will pull it out.
  • In case the bumper is cracked, he will use a plastic filler to fill the gap.
  • He will also repair the scratches and holes if any.
  • When the area is smooth enough, the technician will use the paint of the exact color as that of the car.
  • This step will repair the bumper and make the car look new.

How To Save Money On Bumper Repair?

After getting yourself familiar with the prices of repairing the bumper, many drivers always wonder how they can save some money on the bumper repair.

If you are also looking for the same answer, here are a few tips!

· Choose collision coverage

Collision coverages are optional in the insurance of your car. However, choosing this option is the best choice to save money while repairing the bumper. Also, you will have to cover the deductible.

Collision coverages are beneficial and can save hundreds of dollars while replacing and repairing car bumpers.

· Look for cheaper technicians

The cost of repairing a bumper will vary in the same area for different technicians. Some technicians will have reasonable rates while others will be costly. So, you can analyze the technicians in your area and choose the one with lower costs.

However, keep in mind that lower labor costs don’t always parallel high-quality results. Professional technicians will charge more, but their services will be exceptional.

· Bumper-to-bumper insurance

Bumper-to-bumper insurance is a kind of comprehensive insurance policy that covers 100% of the claim value. This insurance is responsible for covering the costs if any fiber, metal, or rubber part of the vehicle gets damaged.

· Consider an after-market part

This point comes into use while replacing the bumper. As OEM parts can be expensive, a cheaper option is considering an after-market part. However, OEM parts have better quality compared to the after-market parts.

Final Thoughts

Repairing a car bumper is expensive, but necessary. The cost also varies widely depending upon the vehicle and the extent of the damage. So, we have discussed some tips to help save money on repairing the bumper.

Now, you can drive your car freely and protect yourself and your family!

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