14 Best Places to Get Keys Made Near Me (2021)

If you’re like me you probably lost your house keys at least once. Thankfully, when this happened to me, a quick search online for “copy a key” made me aware of places I could get keys made near me.

It turns out there were plenty of places for getting keys copied near me. And some honestly surprised me.

Places That Copy Keys Near Me

Turns out I didn’t have to make a call to my local locksmith when I needed to copy my key.

I live in a small city of 90,000 people and I was still presented with dozens and dozens of places that made keys near me that all fit in my budget.

Home Improvement Stores that Make Keys

The first type of place to get keys made is a home improvement store. The stores on this list are very well known and offer some of the best options for duplicating a key.


With over 300 home improvement stores in the US, Menard’s is a popular place for making keys. But, most of their stores are located in the Midwest, which makes it an excellent option if you live there.

Also, Menard’s has kiosks in its home improvement stores, and you’ll have to use them yourself. But, don’t worry! These self-service kiosks are easy to use, and you can get every kind of key made in less than five minutes.


Lowe’s is also a home improvement store with advanced self-service kiosks. You can copy all kinds of keys from them, including car keys (with and without transponder chips), mail keys, and home and office keys.

Regular and non-coded keys can cost you around $1.25-$3. However, if you want to duplicate a coded key, the store may charge about $70.

With over 2,000 stores in different locations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, it was easy to find a Lowe’s store near me. Their services are quick, and you will find a supervisor to help you out in the process.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a relatively cheaper home improvement store for making keys and will charge around $1.5 for every duplicate key. The cheaper cost is because the store only charges for the key and not for the service it provides.

Home Depot offers key making services for car keys and many other devices as well.

All you have to do is insert the key in their device and wait for almost five minutes. Then, you will get a copy of the key!

The car keys made by Home Depot are known to be about 90% accurate. So, don’t forget to visit a nearby Home Depot store for quick key making solutions and fast services!

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Grocery & Retail Stores that Make Keys


Kroger is a chain of national grocery stores that spread all across the US. Although many Kroger stores make duplicate keys, it is better to call the nearest one and ask for their key making services. If they’re available, you’ve got a good chance!

The kiosks available at Kroger stores can duplicate almost every key, from brass and silver keys to specialty keys.

The charges of making keys at Kroger are somewhere around $3. But, the price will vary for different kinds of keys and the complexity of the key making process. So, you can also expect to pay at least $20 for getting a key made.

Save Mart

Just like groceries, you can get your keys made in Save Mart at affordable prices. Most of their stores are in Nevada and California. If you live here, Save Mart can be the best place for getting duplicate keys in less time.

Besides copying standard keys, Save Mart can also make duplicate car keys. Also, the KeyMe kiosks make key making time a lot hassle-free, offering a quick solution to anyone in a hurry.

The best thing about getting keys made at Save Mart is that the kiosks can also store the digital design, and you can make a replacement after some time.


When Walmart sells everything, either small or huge, how can it leave keys behind?

Like many other grocery and retail stores, Walmart also has DIY kiosks at most of its stores. However, it isn’t necessary that you’ll find a kiosk at all the stores.

The best idea is to call your nearest Walmart store to know about their key making services.

The kiosks are super easy to use. You put your design in, and the machine will make a duplicate key in less than a minute.

The charges of making keys at Walmart stores are generally between $2 and $6. But, some keys may cost you more money.


Hearing about the key copying services of grocery stores like SafeWay often hits people with a surprise.

But, it’s true! Like the other retail stores mentioned in this list, SafeWay also has automated key copying services.

As this service isn’t necessarily available at all the stores, it’s better to call the store and check whether the machine is working or not.

SafeWay stores are spread all across the US. So, you can definitely find a key making kiosk at your nearby store.

The cost of making keys is almost $1.5 and more for different types of keys.

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Automotive Stores that Make Keys

Napa Auto Parts

Besides selling batteries and automotive parts, Napa Auto Parts is also famous for making high-quality duplicate car keys.

The prices for getting a car key made will differ. But, a transponder can cost around $70 to make.

Napa Auto Parts has high-quality cutting machines and a trained team of professionals, which makes sure they make the exact copy of your actual car keys.

Pep Boys

Pep Boys is an affordable option for anyone who wants their keys made in no time. The self-service kiosks at Pep Boys can make both car and home keys.

Although their kiosks are easy to use, the team can assist you if you’re getting keys made for the first time. Also, the process is quick, and you can fill gas in your car while the keys are being made.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts is the best automotive store for getting car keys made. It has branches spread in almost every state of the US. So, finding a nearby store won’t be a difficult task!

Besides making car keys, their kiosks can also copy many different kinds of keys. As their services are often available late at night, you don’t have to worry about anything!

The self-service kiosks also take less time in making your key. So, you can reach home quickly and stay away from the hassle of getting expensive keys.

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Other Options for Copying Keys

KeyMe App

The KeyMe app is a cool choice for busy people who think ahead of time and want a duplicate key before they lose the original one.

The best thing about the KeyMe app is that you can use it on your phone and get your keys shipped to your location.

But, the shipping time will take a few days. So, it’s the best option only if you want duplicate keys in case the original ones get lost.

The KeyMe app also offers the convenience of getting the keys made online and picking them up at a KeyMe kiosk.

All you have to do is scan the original key and save it on the KeyMe app. The app will then make the key shortly and deliver it to you.


Besides making locks, locksmiths are experts in making keys too! But, they might be an expensive option compared to kiosks at local stores.

Almost every US state has a local locksmith, and you can find several near your location through internet research.

Although expensive, locksmiths are best if you want to get keys duplicated that kiosks cannot.

As you’ll pay for the quality, you can expect the locksmith to make an exact copy of the key, which kiosks and machines always cannot.

Some keys that cannot be duplicated are also a locksmith’s job to copy. So, there’s no limit to the type of keys you can get made.

But, the best part is that you can find cheap locksmiths near you, who will offer the best services at affordable prices.


iKeyLess is also an online platform where you can get your car keys copies in no time.

All you have to do is log in to their website. The website will require a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and make your keys.

But, it isn’t an instant solution because the keys will take some days to be delivered to your doorstep.


The 24/7 services of MinuteKey make it the best option for getting keys made if you get stuck outside the home or car late at night.

You can find MinuteKey service stations in almost every state. These service stations are mostly in retail and grocery stores. They have self-service kiosks, which can copy home and office keys, car keys, and many others.

The best part? You can also get custom designs on the duplicate keys.

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Getting Copies of Keys and What You Must Know

Before you drive to one of these local stores to get duplicates of your keys it’s worth mentioning a few things you need to know abut getting copies f keys. There are 2 main ways that a key can be copied.

  1. A kiosk or machine that copies the key
  2. A key specialist that offers a personal service

Kiosks, unlike a personal service, no one but yourself is involved. You simply insert a key into the machine, select a few design settings and it makes a copy of your key. This option is both quicker and less expensive.

If you can’t find a kiosk, your next best bet is to drive to a nearby hardware or home improvement store and work with a key specialist. They’ll be able to answer any of your questions and make a new copy of your key in no time.

Duplicating Keys: FAQs

How much does it cost to get a key copied?

The answer is going to depend on what key you are trying to copy and where you’re getting it duplicated. A key-copying kiosk should be your first stop as it’s very inexpensive and best used for basic home and office keys.

If that’s not an option a local or even mobile locksmith will do just fine, albeit much more expensive. These local locksmiths can easily be found at both hardware and home improvement stores.

What are the different types of keys?

The four most common types of keys include the following:

  • Home and office keys
  • Car keys
  • High performance keys
  • “Do not duplicate” keys

Learn more about these types of keys below.

Home and Office

These are by far the most common type of key and are exactly what they sound like, a key for entering a home or office. These are the easiest to copy at a kiosk and in person at a local hardware store.

Car Keys

Since cars, and the keys used for them are a lot more advanced these days, copying a car key can be a little tricky. Depending on the type of car you need to make a copy of a key for, you may need to visit the dealership you got the car from or a auto parts store.

Newer cars with the fancy key fobs can be very expensive to replace. So, to make sure you’re getting the best solution, contact an auto parts store and explain to them the make, model and year of your car. They’ll then let you know if they can make a copy of the key for you.

Can You Copy “Do Not Duplicate Keys?”

Yes, you can copy keys that say “do not duplicate” on them. This isn’t true for all circumstances however. DND, or Do Not Duplicate keys are most commonly used for apartment complexes and public areas.

As you can imagine a landlord wouldn’t want a previous tenant to copy the apartment key and continue have access to a unit that now has new residents in it. The best ways to go around this is to visit the original store or locksmith that make the key and ask them for a copy.

They will most likely have a record of the original purchase, which gives them permission to duplicate the key.

An even easier way to get a copy of your key is to contact the landlord or management company for your apartment.

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When it comes to getting keys made, you are never out of options! So, always remember that a locksmith is not the only solution to make keys. Many retail stores, automotive stores, and other places near your location can offer key making services.

Apart from locksmiths, almost every shop has automated and self-service kiosks for making your keys. But, they cannot copy keys that have ‘’do not duplicate’’ written on them. So, a local locksmith can have a solution for this!

Also, you are more likely to get your car keys made from an automotive store. Home and office keys and other standard keys can be made through kiosks in a few minutes!