Rich vs Wealthy: What’s The Difference?

rich vs wealthy what's the difference

Have you ever thought about the differences between being rich vs wealthy?

If not, you’re just like many other people.

The terms ‘’rich’’ and ‘’wealthy’’ have been confused and mixed too much that people think they’re the same.

But, guess what?

They’re not!

A short time ago, we also thought that there’s no difference between being rich vs wealthy until a few experiences and facts crossed our minds and opened our eyes.

So, we’ve prepared an article that will explain all the differences between being rich and being wealthy, and which one is better.

What Does It Mean To Be Rich?

To be precise, being rich means having a large salary or tons of money in your bank account.

But, being rich also means spending them too quickly on a lavish lifestyle which is more often than not attributed to bad budgeting.

The ‘’rich lifestyle’’ is the one that looks inspiring to people, but it can make you go into debt. It is because rich people tend to spend a lot of money to enjoy the lifestyle they’ve always wanted and in some cases.. rightfully earned.

Instead of spending their income wisely, they tend to spend it on things that could make them look rich.

For example, you will see rich people driving in the most expensive cars and spending a lot of money on jewelry and clothes that they might barely wear once.

But, such a mindset and lifestyle often results in a considerable loss. It is because rich people spend almost 90% of the money they earn on things and don’t think about saving some of it. Such a strategy always makes them fall into debt as they aren’t prepared for the tough times.

1 in 5 people making more than $100,000 a year are still living paycheck to paycheck

If you make $200,000 a year and end up spending $225,000 due to your house being in the center of the main city and your car being expensive, the money is of no use. After all, the money will go wasted on your bills without investing in a long-term business.

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What Does It Mean To Be Wealthy?

The key factor distinguishing rich people from wealthy people is that wealthy people have a large net worth.

It means that they accumulate their assets and have little money to pay off.

Of course, what would anyone do if you’re wearing a plain white shirt most of the time you go out? Does that decrease your wealth? No!

The mindset of wealthy people is the same.

They don’t focus on impressing people and showing off their money, though some of them still do. There is nothing wrong with affording luxury items, trips and vehicles… so don’t be misunderstood.

It is quite common to see a wealthy individual divulging in lavish spending. The difference is they often afford that lifestyle not by their earned income but rather their investments and assets.

To accomplish this, they focus on spending their money wisely, investing it in sources that could generate passive income and in some instances, follow a frugal living lifestyle.

Wealthy people also save almost 15% of the money they earn on investment opportunities. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive clothes, they would prefer investing the money and increasing their assets.

Many people who adopted the ‘’wealthy’’ mindset have started to live a purposeful life and react methodically to situations.

The Differences Between Being Rich vs Wealthy

While a rich person is known for his salary and his showy lifestyle, a wealthy person is known for his net worth and assets.

A wealthy person has sustainable wealth and doesn’t have to worry much about the future because he has several passive income sources. In this way, he stays wealthy even after he dies, and the money is passed on to future generations.

A wealthy person has goals to follow, not parties to attend!

On the other hand, a rich person will only stay rich as long he has the ability to earn an income. Once he retires, he doesn’t have any assets to live by.

He spends all his money to impress people, and this showy mindset makes him save no money for a better future for his family once he retires. Many rich people who earned a handsome amount in their job are forced to live a normal lifestyle after retiring.

It is because they didn’t think about the future or generate some sources of passive income that could keep increasing their money. They rely more on the fact that the money they have now is enough to fulfill their needs, and they don’t need more.

Who Wins The Rich vs Wealthy Game?

After all the discussion, we conclude that being wealthy is better than being rich.

Although being rich allows you to enjoy yourself for some time, it can be risky. On the other hand, wealthy people enjoy their life the way they want while saving money for an even better future.

Steps On How To Become Wealthy?

Being wealthy doesn’t require you to starve for days just because you want to invest that money in a business. Instead, it takes a small part of your salary.

So, if you want to become wealthy, here are a few tips that will help you reach your goals soon!

Start saving

It doesn’t matter if you save less or more. You have to start saving today!

The best strategy is to save a portion of your income every month. It doesn’t have to be more than half. Saving at least 10-15% of your salary can do wonders for you at the end of the year.

If you want to become wealthy but always struggle with saving money, we recommend following some money-saving challenges to make it easier.

You can also limit your expenses and plan your budget for the whole month so that you spend your money wisely.

Pay off your debt

One can never become wealthy or rich if he has too many debts to pay.

So, start by paying off your debts, especially the ones with too much interest. You can also use a part of your saving in the first few months to pay off your debts.

As credit card debt is a high-interest loan, you can opt for a better interest rate through student loans. In this way, you won’t be spending too much money on interests!

Change your mindset

If you want to become wealthy, you don’t have to think like rich people.

How does wearing simple clothes affect your reputation in front of people?

Why is it important to attend parties when you have too many long-term goals to follow?

Why is it essential to live in a huge mansion while you can live in a small house?

If you think about these questions, you will probably understand what we’re talking about. The world doesn’t care if you wear expensive clothes and live in a mansion. They might be inspired for some time, but your effort will eventually go in vain after a while.

So, a better mindset is to step away from the showy lifestyle and focus on your goals. Your primary goal is to make more money with the money you already have!

Once you step away from this lavish lifestyle and spend life the simpler way, you’ll realize that these worldly desires never mattered.

Develop habits of successful people

You cannot generate money by eating popcorn and watching movies while lying down on your couch all day.

If you want to be wealthy, you have to work and hustle!

For this, you’ll have to develop good habits. It doesn’t mean reading books all day long and spending 12 hours a day in the office.

It simply means grabbing the habits and mindset of successful people. It can include a tip about saving money from your fellow employee or exercising daily to keep you fit.

When you are fresh and active while working, you can expect things to go in the right direction.


After all, the only source of becoming wealthy is by investing your money in projects that provide passive income. Once you have saved enough money to invest in a business, what’s left to wait for?

Without wasting any time, look for businesses to invest your money and generate passive income. But that doesn’t mean you have to quit your 9-5 job.

You can continue your job to fulfill your necessities and save the money you invested to further invest in future projects!

Be patient

The most significant difference between a rich and wealthy person is that rich people generate money quickly while wealthy people take time.

The result is also the same. The money of rich people gets spend quickly while that of wealthy people doesn’t.

So, instead of being impatient and quitting in the middle, you should stay dedicated to your long-term goals. You should develop the mindset that all these efforts will bear fruit one day, which will be worth the hard work.

Final Thoughts

The messed-up concept of being rich vs wealthy has kept many people in darkness. Once you realize their difference, you won’t be inspired by people acting to be rich by showing off their money. After all, what you plan for the long term is what matters the most.

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