The Best Subwoofers of 2022

Our experts did the heavy lifting and reviewed dozens of subwoofers, and these products worked best.

A good subwoofer will let you enjoy your music as loud as you’d like. Not only you’ll get the inevitable bass improvement but also an excellent overall quality of audio.

Subwoofers are available in a myriad of options and are available at various price levels. The good thing is that there’s no need to spend too much money on upgrading your system, as long as you know what to look for. That’s the reason we’ve put together our “Best Subwoofers of 2022” list.

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Best Wireless Subwoofer

Sonos Sub (Gen 3)

Sonos Sub (Gen 3) – Best Wireless Subwoofer

Best Home Theatre Subwoofer

Polk Audio Powered Sub

Polk Audio Powered Subwoofer – Best for Home Theatre

How We Decided

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The Best Subwoofers of 2022

A Detailed List of the Best Subwoofers

Sonos Sub (Gen 3) – Best Wireless Subwoofer

This wireless subwoofer by Sonos is the ideal choice for those who already own the Sonos speaker or soundbar. The stylish high-gloss finish and elegant style make it a perfect accessory to the living room, and nobody would even know that it’s a subwoofer. However, if you prefer your tech to be heard rather than visible, it is possible to lay on its side and slide underneath the sofa without affecting the sound quality.

It’s easy to pair it with an existing Sonos system. The sound settings are automatically set to align the sub’s volume with the other Sonos speakers and offload bass frequencies off to your subwoofer to ensure that the other speakers can control the higher frequencies.

The app has adjustable EQ settings within the app. Alternatively, you can utilize the Trueplay software to allow Sonos to adjust it to match the sound in the room. So, if you’re not a guru in audio but appreciate high-quality audio, Sonos offers a straightforward way to enjoy superior audio in your home.


·         It offers plenty of power

·         Trueplay Tuning Technology

·         It is easy to pair easily with any Other Sonos audio bar or speaker.

·         Available in white or black

·         Wireless configuration


·         Expensive

·         Requires either a Sonos amp or speakers

·         It is only compatible with the S2 Sonos app

Orion HCCA12 – Best 12″ Power Subwoofer

If you’re in search of a subwoofer that has enough power to create lots of noise, then you’ve come to the right place. Orion HCCA 12 is massive and pumps out a staggering 500 watts of power and 2500 RMS. This is a tremendous amount of sound for an automobile subwoofer. It is undoubtedly one of the most potent subwoofers available.

It’s not just powerful; it also has excellent sound. It has a great bass sound, clear and crisp, with a high-quality audio experience. The audio quality comes from the latest cooling system used to cool the voice coil. The new system can regulate the temperature and ensure that the sound is crystal clear. The bass sounds are low, and it could be among the best subwoofers in the car.

This 12″ speaker comes with an elastomer surround that allows the speaker to move. It also helps absorb excess energy that any beat creates. It’s a cone made of Polypropylene which is extremely tough.

The design allows it to be tucked away in the trunk or the boot of your vehicle. It requires a depth of 6 inches. It weighs in at a whopping 68 pounds. 


·         The rugged, tough construction

·         Incredible power.

·         Absorb excess energy

·         Great bass sound


·         Some prefer a cabinet over having to install the speaker.

JL Audio Dual 4-Ohm Car Subwoofer – Best For Car

This premium subwoofer produces an impressive and clear bass and significantly impacts the sound overall. It’s among the best car subwoofers to provide audio quality.

The basket that houses the coil for voice, the terminal frame, and the cone is made from a solid cast alloy. This can affect the speaker’s sound quality as it drastically reduces the possibility of sound distortion.

This woofer measures ten inches speaker that can deliver 600 watts of RMS. The cone is made from Polypropylene which is durable and tough. It creates a deep and resonant bass that is very clear and precise even when playing at high volume. The frequency response ranges between 22 and 200Hz. In addition, it has an excellent transient response.


·         Reasonable design with quality components.

·         It produces a great bass sound and a transient response.

·         Mineral-filled polypropylene cone

·         Nitrile-butylene rubber surround


·         Some might not like the “fitted” look of the subwoofer.

Sound Town METIS Powered Subwoofer – Best 18 inch Subwoofer

The Sound Town METIS Series 18-inch powered subwoofer provides a huge overall volume and power. It has a maximum power of 700 Watts as well as 2400 Watts peak power. In addition, it has its own built-in Class D amplifier. This is a suitable model if you’re looking for an amplified subwoofer that can provide a loud and mighty sound.

Due to the 4′ voice coils, The Sound Town sub can produce powerful bass and is a blast in the low frequencies. The cabinet is constructed of sturdy and high-quality materials, which means that you can be confident it will stand up to long trips. Metal corners and heavy-duty grille guarantee that you won’t hurt the equipment moving it between gig halls. The light design will ensure you don’t throw away your back when you do it.

However, it is a shame that this subwoofer is very limited in its band of frequency responses. It is ideal for PAs and can deliver large volumes. Although this shouldn’t be an issue for musicians who are performing at social occasions such as weddings, church functions, and school functions, however, it’s an issue for musicians as well as DJs because a lot of the musicality of music genres like Jazz, R&B, and hip-hop will disappear.


·         It is Lightweight

·         Flexible connections for output and input

·         Sturdy construction


·         Very low-frequency response frequency

·         Prone to distortion

Polk Audio Powered Subwoofer – Best for Home Theatre

Polk Audio’s name is synonymous with high-quality sound. It’s been in existence since the 1970s and was a popular choice for community block parties hosted by local DJs. It’s a company that is famous for its quality, affordable speakers.

The tradition of making high-quality audio accessible to all is carried on with this Polk Audio HTS 12 subwoofer. It’s a shoo-in of functionality, value, and compatibility.

It is equipped with a 200-watt amplifier. Power port technology from Polk Audio helps to reduce distortion and provides a full experience with low tones and bass. All controls are placed in one place for easy operation and convenience.

It’s a huge, chunky unit with seamless, curved edges that produce a rich bass. It’s modern and stylish, which blends in with any décor. The design is planned so that it can be noticed and heard.


·         Gorgeous, black washed matte finish

·         Universal compatibility with all home theater systems.

·         Simple, easy to reach controls on the back panel


·         An auto-on function can be hit or miss

·         The amplifier may need replacement over time

·         Not the best for huge rooms.

Rockville RVW1800P8 Subwoofer — Best Budget Option

What distinguishes the RVW1800P8 above other low-cost subs are its long-lasting durability and sturdy construction quality. The subwoofer components are made of high-end materials comparable to the top-of-the-line and professional models. This high-end build quality guarantees that the subwoofer will stand up to long-term use, and you won’t regret buying a budget model in a couple of months.

Furthermore, the subwoofer RVW1800P8 comes with nickel-plated banana plug terminals to make it easy for installation. If you’re new to this world of second-hand automobile audio, this is a subwoofer for beginners that will not leave you stranded. Since it’s light and easy to use, the RVW1800P8 is also an excellent replacement component for home speakers.

The power handling of this model is minimal for a subwoofer of 18 inches. With just 900 watts of RMS, this model will not provide that heart-pounding, glass-shattering bass that people seek and anticipate in larger cones. If power is your main issue, you may prefer paying the same amount to get a better subwoofer, which is smaller and will deliver more power.


·         Very affordable and low cost

·         Materials of the highest quality

·         Resists high temperatures

·         Installation is simple and easy to do

·         Kevlar Reinforced Cone for Paper


·         It requires time to warm up after turning on.

·         Power is low

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 – Best Under Seat Subwoofer

The Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch Subwoofer is an inch-wide, 300 W Subwoofer with RMS power. It is created to provide the best performance between the woofer, the enclosure, and the amplifier.

It’s constructed from 5/8 inch MDF and is covered with solid industrial vinyl resistant to scrapes. It also has an intelligent auto turn off/on function, which means it can turn itself off whenever it gets power from the car’s battery. It also features the ability to protect against voltage and temperature as well as the ability to switch between phases.

This premium under-seat subwoofer features a remote control for bass level, an adjustable bass boost built-in, and an adjustable 12db/Octave low-pass crossover.


·         Optimum performance.

·         Intelligent auto turn-off function.

·         Powerful 300 watt RMS amplifier.

·         Overvoltage and thermal protection.


·         It might not be able to fit in front of the seats.

JBL 18 Inch (EON618S) – Best Premium Option

EON618S Portable self-powered subwoofer, 18 inches in size, makes use of JBL’s exclusive wave technology to produce a fantastic sound that’s flexible to a variety of frequencies. This means you’ll be able to sense the uniqueness of your favorite track like never before.

The EON618S is a simple device to integrate into any existing audio system. Its minimalist design and Bluetooth connectivity make it simple to pair it with other JBL products such as tweeters and speakers. Meaning you can host live events with studio-quality audio or just listen to your favorite tracks as they were initially meant to sound.

Another advantage of JBL Bluetooth is the procedure of customizing and fine-tuning the settings for your music. For example, you can adjust the master volume and adjust the parametric EQ, so you’ll achieve the perfect acoustics regardless of the location. You can also save EQ presets so that the subwoofer will automatically be tuned to your living space or your favorite concert venue.

Comparatively to other enclosed or powered subwoofers, EON618S is surprisingly compact and easily transportable. Its sturdy enclosure and indexed feet allow for accessible storage space and safe transportation that will make you sure to take the unit on cross-country or tour move.


·         Highly responsive

·         Bluetooth capabilities

·         Lightweight and easily transportable

·         Easy to integrate into an entire audio system


·         Lower Amplification

·         Expensive

Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer – Best 12 inch Option

The Klipsch subwoofer delivers crisp, clear sound and has rich bass, making watching movies or listening to music an absolutely captivating experience.

The subwoofer is equipped with an amplifier with a power of 400 Watt which allows front-firing woofers to provide a stunning bass to the home entertainment system.

Digital amplifiers give the subwoofer the capability to reach low frequencies while maximizing efficiency and producing maximum output quickly.

This Klipsch R-120SW subwoofer comes in a sleek cabinet with high-quality reinforced MDF. In addition to making the subwoofer last longer, its MDF construction gives you the best listening experience and is free of any noise.


·         Give the power of 400 Watt

·         It has splendid bass

·         Enhances the audio quality of movies.

·         It is compatible with all home theater configurations


·         Does not emit ultra-low frequency.

·         Copper cones can easily be damaged

Buyers Guide – Finding the Most Effective Car Subwoofer

To determine the exact thing you’re looking for, we all have different preferences. However, there are a few questions you’ll need to think about.


Opt for the powerful and massive subwoofers if you’re looking for an audio system that will help move trucks out of the way. If you’re looking to enhance the sound of your car stereo, you’ll need less volume. One word of caution “don’t” be enticed by loud claims. It would be best if you looked into the RMS rating.

Frequency Variation

Being able to have a more excellent frequency range is the best option. It showcases the quality and the potential of both ends of the spectrum. The broader range of the speaker will be better at generating the top and bottom of the bass sound.

Control And Ease Of Use

No one likes to struggle to manage the subwoofer. So, it is worth purchasing a subwoofer for your under-seat with remote control.

Remote controls allow you to alter the volume or bass boost, the crossover, and other features. It is unnecessary to bend forward to reach under an armchair to adjust the volume.


When you’re looking for under-seat subwoofers, it is essential to know the dimensions of your subwoofer. Check to ensure that it’s the right size to fit underneath the car’s seat.

A small model is the best option. It should fit in the car’s back in a way that does not extend out from the sides or occupy any leg space.

Ease Of Installation

Installing a subwoofer within the tiny space underneath the seat of your car can be an arduous task. So, to make it easier choosing a subwoofer that is simple to install.

The power and speaker connections should be easy to access or on the side of the panel. That makes it much easier for you to connect or unhook the cables from your radio and battery of the subwoofer.

How Do You Choose The Right Subwoofer?

All subwoofers aren’t precisely the same, and there are some essential things to consider before deciding which one will best suit your needs.

Powered Or Passive?

Powered Subwoofers

This kind of setup is the most suitable option for home theatre systems since it’s the most straightforward setup to deal with. Also called active subwoofer, the sort of sub comes with built-in amplifying units that can reduce the wiring of an active subwoofer configuration to one cable connection between the sub and the receiver in the home theater.

Whereas passive subwoofers depend on external amplifiers, powered subwoofers use their own amplifiers that are built-in and enclosed within identical enclosures. This kind of setup provides a significant benefit for your home theatre receiver since it allows it to take on some of the burdens of the subwoofer to take it off the enormous audio power load it must bear. In this way, the receiver can focus its attention on satellites to alter the sound level of crossover frequencies, ensuring smooth transitions.

Passive Subwoofer

They are passive subwoofers called “passive” because they rely on an external amplifier to reproduce low-frequency sound. They utilize the same design and setup as traditional loudspeakers. These kinds of subwoofers are very uncommon to see in home theater systems, particularly those with the latest technology.

When setting up the system, installing a passive subwoofer will require a powerful amplifier between the sub and your receiver in your home theater. This will enable the amplifier to supply the sub with massive capacity to sustain the massive bass that it creates without draining your amplifier of the home theatre receiver. The amount required for an active subwoofer will be contingent on the dimensions of the room, the wattage of the sub, and how eager you want to be to your neighbors.

Sealed Subwoofer or Ported Subwoofer?

Sealed Subwoofer

A sealed subwoofer features an enclosure that does not allow air to enter or out. This kind of setup has an enormous impact on the high-quality sound and the playback level, room size, and how your theater’s visual effectiveness is impacted by the. In terms of sound quality, sealed subwoofers are thought to be the most effective. This is due to their precise frequency response, which allows air to move faster to hear sounds more coherently.

The audio produced is more precise and precise, and it is less apparent change. This is one of the key reasons that has allowed sealed subwoofers to be considered essential music instruments, for example, playing guitars and other instruments of the acoustic genre. In addition, while ported subwoofers can produce powerful deep bass and sound, sealed subwoofers create precise sound with transient speed, allowing the sound generated by a bass instrument to appear as natural as possible.

Ported Subwoofer

Ported subwoofers, on the other, have air vents that allow the subwoofer to boost the bass output. In the end, the reasoning behind this kind of arrangement is pretty straightforward. If you’ve got a ported enclosure, you’re likely to experience powerful bass and deeper octaves without the need for the addition of an EQ boost.

This produces a greater high-end dynamic output, 3-4 times greater than an un-sealed subwoofer with an RMS equivalent rating. If you’re hoping to experience the energizing sound of a room, chest-thumping, and floor trembling cinematic experiences. A portable subwoofer is a thing you’ll need.

However, before you proceed, be aware that there is always a tradeoff. While ported subwoofers can provide the necessary power, their cabinets are expected to be a lot larger than sealed counterparts. The sound quality is also a little difficult to hear because of the low bass output they create.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best subwoofer?

The Klipsch subwoofer is the best option compared to the other subs. The subwoofer delivers crisp, clear, and clear sounds, paired with a rich bass that makes watching films and listening to music an unforgettable experience.

What is the best Hz for a subwoofer?

The 20-120 Hz frequency is the best one for subwoofers with a lot of basses—the lower the frequency, the greater the bass you can expect. The best subwoofers available have this range of Hz. If you’re purchasing subwoofers with a Hz rating that is fixed, you must ensure that it is below 80 Hz if the bass is essential to you.

What is the best subwoofer brand?

Kenwood is a producer with an enviable reputation for creating high-quality audio. Kenwood, known for its audio quality, was established in 1946. It was changed in 1960 as Trio, which was a different name, also that It, however, it was later changed back to Kenwood. Later, it joined with another audio company, JVC, in 2008.


As you can see, there are various factors to bear in mind when buying the perfect home subwoofer. While there are a lot of technical specifications that you must be able to meet, it all comes down to the characteristics of your space and personal preferences. Therefore, we hope you can narrow down your choices with the help of our guide.