Best 18 Inch Subwoofers

We’ve reviewed the top 18-inch subwoofer currently on the market to help you determine which one is best for you.

Now, in the world of subwoofers, more prominent ones are almost always more powerful.

If you’re searching for an audio system that can deliver the most bass-free and low-pitched sound possible and also provides an experience that you feel the sound resonance through your bones. In that case, you should think about buying an 18-inch subwoofer.

If you’re tighter on cash check out our list of best budget subwoofers.

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Best Overall

Dayton Audio Subwoofer

Best For Deep Bass

KEF KUBE Subwoofer

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The Best 18 Inch Subwoofers

A Detailed List of Best 18 Inch Subwoofers

If this is your first time purchasing a subwoofer read our detailed buying guide first.

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Proreck 18 Inch Subwoofer – Best Premium Option

Proreck 18 inch Subwoofer - Best Premium Option

Proreck is a premium line of equipment for audio, which mainly provides DJ-friendly products. A number of its subwoofer units are compelling and suitable to be installed quickly and easily.

Proreck PR18 is the only active subwoofer option out there. This means it includes an inbuilt amplifier that is perfect for DJ use. With its built-in subwoofer, you can get a peak capacity of 2500 watts. Also, you will get an enclosure that is crucial to DJs.

However, unlike the other automobile subwoofers, it has some limitations in its frequency response range between 40 Hz and 160 Hz, which could be pretty limiting for some. When you look at the warranty for this subwoofer, it’s comparable to other models as it is covered for one year.


  • It’s quite a powerful subwoofer
  • It comes with an amplifier built-in to DJ use
  • Included is a compact enclosure


  • The frequency response isn’t ideal for automobiles.

Polk Audio – Best 18 Inch Sub For Home Theater 

Polk Audio - Best 18 Inch Sub For Home Theater 

Subwoofers are the essential component of your home theatre. If you’re missing the sexiness of your sound system, the Polk Audio HTS 12 Subwoofer is a must purchase. It has a stunning design that perfectly matches the classic interior. The flawless, black walnut-colored matte finish on the exterior, and elegant edge rounded, make it stunningly appealing.

In addition to its stunning look, it also has everything it needs to deliver robust bass levels. Its 12-inch front-firing driver features a long throw, which produces high-quality bass to provide a rich experience. It is based using Dynamic Balance Technology, which enhances the clarity of sound, and reduces distortion. It also offers a Class D amplifier with a considerable peak power output of up to 400 Watts. They work together to create a pulsating audio experience.

Polk Audio HTS 12 Subwoofer has also been introduced with a brand new patented Power Port Technology. This new feature permits the unimpeded flow of airflow to the environment. This dramatically reduces unpleasant port noises. Additionally, it dramatically enhances bass effects and decreases the amount of turbulence. It claims to create less noise by 3 decibels than the competition.

Polk Audio HTS completely fulfills the requirement. It is easy to adjust the volume, low-pass, and frequency levels by using the control panel on the rear. Furthermore, the power toggle switch allows for automatic switching between ON and OFF to the unit. This lets you alter the bass volume depending on the speaker’s sound quality. Finally, the line-level RCA and LFE inputs make it easy to connect the subwoofer to an audio system.


  • A powerful 12 inches front-firing driver that is front-firing.
  • It includes a patented Power Port Technology to reduce port noises and improve clarity.
  • Class D amplifiers provide 400 watts of peak power for high-quality bass
  • Line-level RCA and LFE inputs
  • Maximum controls are tuned to the audio levels of the speaker.


  • Control of Gain for adjustments

Skar Audio Single – Best 18 Inch Sub For Car

Skar Audio Single – Best 18 Inch Sub For Car

Skar Audio is one of the most well-known options available in the market today when looking for woofers and speakers designed for use in vehicles, as it provides numerous compact but decently powerful choices.

The Skar Audio SDR-1X18D218 inch subwoofer is one of the favorable options for beginners. Because you receive an enclosure, it’s easy to put it inside the trunk of your car quickly. 

Fortunately, Skar Audio has not sacrificed sound quality as you receive the frequency response range between 18 Hz and 250 Hz, resulting in high-quality low-end bass output. There’s even a 2-year warranty on this subwoofer, which is more than most other models available.


  • Subwoofers that are valued for money with a lengthy warranty
  • Included enclosure to make installation simple
  • Superb frequency response for outstanding audio quality


  • The power output may have been greater

BIC America – Best Budget Option

BIC America – Best Budget Option

BIC America F12 is available to transform your desires into reality. It is equipped with an average-sized, yet the most potent, long-throw, and high-range inches driver. Another essential feature is its vast size. It’s bigger than it appears. According to the measurements, it measures 21 by 19 inches by 22 inches. That means you need to be aware of the placement of it. The device’s design includes Injection Molded Graphite cones that are extremely tough and reduce distortion of sound.

To provide rumbling bass, it comes with a powerful amplifier. Amplifier promises to provide the most potent maximum power output of up to 475 Watts. With this power output, you will anticipate clear sound quality and powerful bone-shaking bass. It also comes with an excellent frequency response that ranges from 25 Hz to 200 milliseconds. It’s enough to convey every low and high of your track efficiently.

The capacity to control the volume of your speaker allows you to connect to the satellite speakers easily. In this scenario, it offers you complete control over the desired adjustments. In addition, it comes with separate volumes and phase and crossover controls that allow the user to blend into the speakers’ sound. It also has an auto-on or off mode that will enable you to stand by it with ease.

Noises from ports can become extremely frustrating and a problem. However, BIC America F12 has addressed this issue by including it with the Patented BIC Venturi feature. It permits smooth airflow and, consequently, adequate ventilation, which drastically reduces noises from ports. It also helps you connect your subwoofer to your home audio system by including an RCA, Dolby Pro Logic, and DTS inputs.


  • Long-throw, high-power 12 inches drivers
  • Sturdy with anti-distortion IMG cones
  • A massive peak of power at 475 Watts from the amplifier
  • Patented BIC Venturi to lower port noise
  • The volume, phase, and crossover controls that blend with speakers


  • Control of No Gain for adjustments
  • Large size makes placement difficult

Fluance DB12 – Best Powered Option

Fluance DB12 – Best Powered 18 inch subwoofer

Bring soul to your standard music playlist by purchasing Fluance DB12 Subwoofer. It provides the most sound quality, so it’s ideal for watching films and gaming. Its exterior has modern appearances, while its classic matte black ash shade treats tired eyes. Additionally, it’s constructed with high-end MDF wooden cabinets that minimize resonances and boost bass levels. In addition to its stunning appearance, the speaker also has an extended-throw, 12 inches driver. Its front-firing design lets you hear every low frequency well and produces powerful bass with minimal distortion. It’s perfect for high-end features as well as a stunning performance.

Another technical feature that increases its performance is its amplifier. It’s engineered to produce rumbling bass sound and create a wide frequency range so that you will experience a complete audio experience. It has a maximum power output of up to 400 Watts and nearly no distortion in audio quality. In normal use, it generates the power of 240 watts which provides crystal clear audio. In addition, it can produce a stunning frequency response of 36 Hz to 180 Hz. This means you will be able to hear every single note of the track precisely.

It has an additional control panel that is located in the rear. The Control Panel includes volume as well as gain and crossover controls. In addition, they let you adjust the bass frequency to an amount that seamlessly blends into your speakers’ audio. Alongside controls, they also include Line/Low Level as well as RCA L/R as well as Speaker outputs. 


  • MDF wooden cabinets can provide a clean bass with no distortion
  • The amplifier has a considerable peak power output of 400 watts.
  • It boasts a stunning range of frequency from 36Hz to 180 Hz
  • Volume, gain, and crossover controls permit blending speakers and bass.
  •  Modish styles to match the interior


  • The feature is not integrated to lessen port noises

Dayton Audio – Best 18 Inch Subwoofer Overall

Dayton Audio - Best 18 Inch Subwoofer Overall

Although Dayton Audio might be a costly and premium company, the subwoofers and other audio components are perfect for high-end use in which you’ll need an extremely durable subwoofer.

Dayton Audio’s 18-inch UM18-22 subwoofer can be described as the most durable and reliable model featured in this review. Similar to most subwoofers mentioned here and readily available in the market, this model requires an enclosure separately before you can utilize it. But, the volume is pretty average for its price given since it’s only rated at 1000 watts.

However, since this is an expensive and premium 18-inch subwoofer, you have a fantastic frequency response ranging from 19 Hz to over 500 Hz and produce excellent audio quality. However, the most appealing thing about this premium subwoofer is that it comes with an extended warranty of 5 years which is perfect for long-term usage.


  • A very extended warranty is available for long-term use
  • Excellent audio quality and precise details
  • It can be used in conjunction with custom-designed enclosures


  • Extremely low volume output rating

MartinLogan Dynamo – Best Wireless Connection

MartinLogan Dynamo - Best Wireless 18 inch subwoofer

MartinLogan Dynamo 1100 X has revolutionized the industry with its innovative features. You shouldn’t skip out on this wireless subwoofer which you can control through the Sub Control App. The app is available for any of the following platforms: iOS and Android and can be operated by Bluetooth connection. In addition to its clever feature, it also comes with contemporary designs. Its black and classic matte design is appealing to the eyes and blends nicely with the interior. 

It can produce robust bass levels with a wide frequency range. It also has a distinctive feature that allows it to change into a downward-firing or front-firing configuration easily. This feature lets you install the subwoofer wherever you want in your home without worrying about any distortions. It also comes with digital amplifiers that provide an average of around 200 Watts. This is sufficient to give an immersive experience with the sound of booming bass.

In the realm of controls Controls, the Sub Control App has crucial roles. It lets you adjust the volume level, low-pass filter as well as control of phase. You can also alter your frequency from any part of your space. You can also combine the bass volume with the speaker sound. Another essential feature to mention is the Anthem Room Correction function. It’s installed to help you identify and analyze any distortion, noise, or turbulence present in your space that can disrupt your subwoofer’s performance.


  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy control
  • You can easily alter the low-pass filter, the phase to be in tune with the quality of your audio.
  • Driver produces intense bass levels
  • Anthem Room Correction can help identify a disturbance
  • The amplifier provides solid performance with a frequency range between 20-30 the Hz


  • The port does not have a feature that can reduce noises

KEF KUBE Subwoofer – Best for Deep Bass

KEF KUBE Subwoofer – Best 18 inch sub for Deep Bass

It’s time to enhance your gaming experience by getting KEF KUBE12B. It has excellent features and performance and has the potential to become your top choice. Externally, it’s got a matte black finish on the sides as well as an attractive blacktop. Thus, it is ideally suited to the decor of your home. Technically speaking, it has a 12 inches wide driver, which provides deep bass and precise lows and highs consistent with the tracks.

It has an amplifier class D that provides a massive maximum capacity of 300 Watts. It’s enough to give you an immersive, space-filling audio experience. Other improvisation uses the latest iBX technology that unleashes all the range that the driver has. It allows the amplifier and driver to cooperate to generate incredible bass responses.

It has an individual control panel located at the rear that includes gain and phase controls, a low pass filter, and crossovers to control the system. These controls let you adjust the frequency to an appropriate level, after which it will blend into the sound of speakers. Alongside the controls, the impressive band of frequency of between 22Hz to 140Hz is evident. To make it easy to connect with your home theatre system, it includes LFE, line, and speakers-level inputs.


  • iBX technology that enhances the bass level
  • The amplifier generates enormous power of 300 watts.
  • The driver delivers deep bass levels
  • Multiple controls can help blend the bass and audio levels.


  • There isn’t a feature that can reduce the noise from ports

18 Inch Subwoofer Buying Guide

Even if you own an audio system of the highest quality installed in your home or car, however, there’s an opportunity that it’s constrained in terms of bass output or low-end audio. The best way to improve the quality of your audio is by purchasing an effective subwoofer.

To help you choose the most suitable subwoofer, we’ve described their essential characteristics and features as well as their options. However, if you’d like to understand more about subwoofers, you should consider looking at this comprehensive buying guide for the most effective 18-inch subwoofers.

Peak Power

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when buying the right speaker or subwoofer is the power rating. The title provides information about the maximum amount of power your subwoofer can handle or be operating at. When you check this rating, you will quickly get an idea of the highest performance or volume of the 18-inch subwoofer you have.

In most instances, the maximum power rating of an 18-inch subwoofer is given in watts. It could be 1000 watts, 1500 watts, 2000 watts, or 3000 watts and more dependent on the subwoofer model. If you’re looking for an ultra-bright and high-performance subwoofer, you must choose a maximum output of 3000 watts.

Ported or Non-ported

Ported models feature ports (ports) located on the outside, leading to the inside of subwoofers. However, the ones that are not ported are wholly enclosed from their exterior. Many premium brands are now making subwoofers that are not ported, but this does not mean that it’s a positive feature. Surprisingly, ported subwoofers are more efficient as they provide more excellent airflow, which keeps the inside cooler even when there are higher frequencies. However, they are expensive.

Power Requirements

It doesn’t matter if you choose a potent 18-inch subwoofer or an entry-level model; both will require an energy source to fulfill their job and provide low-end audio equipment. So, make sure you know the power requirements for an 18-inch subwoofer.

However, except for some options, most 18-inch subwoofers are passive, which means you’ll require external power through an amplifier. In addition, besides a few 18-inch subwoofers, the majority will need an amplifier for them separately; that is something to be aware of when choosing premium 18-inch subwoofers.

Front-firing or Down-firing

Subwoofers that fire from the front are those with drivers that face upwards. In contrast, the drivers firing downwards are facing downwards toward the floor. Both kinds will not have any significant difference. It’s all about your personal preferences and preferences regarding placement. If you plan to put it in front of or next to the speakers, it is recommended to opt for front-firing. In the end, it’s up to you.

Size of Woofer

Although the subwoofers listed in the above list are 18-inch models, it is essential to understand the significance of the size of your woofer or the dimensions of the driver of your woofer. It’s not just affecting the overall design and the size of your woofer’s unit as well, but it may also impact its high-quality audio and its overall performance. 

Like you’d expect, something as large as an 18-inch subwoofer will be pretty huge in terms of size. This size, however, will allow your subwoofer to provide outstanding audio output, particularly in terms of quality low-end bass output. Contrarily smaller subwoofers, such as a 10-inch model, won’t offer the same performance in terms of the quality of the bass output.

Frequency range

It is measured as hertz and, in instances of subwoofers, it determines the bass level. The lowest frequency that is heard by our ears is 20hz. The frequency that is felt by your body can be measured at 16hz. It is recommended to choose subwoofers with low-frequency responses as it produces each high and low of audio in the manner that an artist wants listeners to experience it. However, the most recent subwoofers have such bass frequencies that they can be felt and strong enough to smack your gut.

Design of your subwoofer

Although it won’t affect the sound quality that your subwoofer provides, the design quality of your subwoofer impacts the user experience, particularly in the installation. If you’re looking for new subwoofers, you will likely find models with an enclosure included and ones that do not.

Starting with subwoofers with enclosures that are pretty simple to install and provide good value for the price. But, due to their shape, they’re difficult to install into tight or difficult spaces in your home or car audio system. However, If your subwoofer does have an enclosure is more affordable and can be put with custom-designed enclosures that make it the ideal choice to install in small places in your vehicle.

Frequently asked questions:

Which 18-inch subwoofer is the best?

BIC America is an affordable price. It has a staggering high-powered 475 watts that are enough to produce a powerful bass. Its remarkable frequency response provides lows and highs on the tracks. The enhanced control options enable it to be perfectly tuned to the speakers. 

What is the hardest-hitting subwoofer?

Polk Audiois capable of delivering 400 watts of peak power, which is quite remarkable. Its port-side exterior significantly reduces the annoying noises from ports. With its beautiful design, it is a complete blow-out of its competition. It is, however, relatively expensive. 


We’ve finished our subwoofer list. We hope you choose the perfect one according to your need. We’ve provided you with complete buying guidelines that you can follow to get the subwoofer which is ideal for watching movies and gaming. Dayton Audio is the overall best option though slightly expensive, but it offers excellent features. It is now your choice which subwoofer you like the most.