Best Under Seat Subwoofers

The majority of cars don’t possess a lot of space to place subwoofers. However, just because space isn’t there does not mean you need to compromise the audio quality you hear in your vehicle. You can go to any good store and purchase yourself a subwoofer for the under-seat.

A top-quality under seat subwoofer can provide incredible installation ease and a great way to make the most of tiny spaces and durability for the long haul. 

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Best Under Seat Sub Overall

Sound Storm LOPRO10

Hardest Hitting Under Seat Sub

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8

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The Best Under Seat Subwoofers

A Detailed List of Best Under Seat Subwoofers

First time buying a subwoofer? Check out our in-depth buying guide first, so you can make the right decision.

Rockville 10″ RW10CA Subwoofer – Best Premium Option

Rockville 10" RW10CA Subwoofer - Best Premium Option under seat subwoofer

The slim shape of this subwoofer (10 inches in width and 2.7 inches deep) is an ideal accessory that will fit in even the most compact spaces under your seat. In addition, the subwoofer can provide an enthralling bass and excellent audio quality with a maximum power of 800 Watts output and 200 watts RMS capacity. Plus, this subwoofer’s crisp and clear sound helps create the perfect balance of the car’s interior audio.

Apart from being extremely simple to set up and set up, this subwoofer is also equipped with heavy-duty mounting feet, which allow you to secure it under your seat or in the trunk. For long life, the subwoofer by Rockville is equipped with reverse polarity and overheat protection circuits that are beneficial if you enjoy the sound of your music loud. We also loved the fact that this product is CEA-2006 compliant that means the ratings have been certified by a third party, and you’ll be able to know that the sub will produce the power it claims it will.


  • Slim enough to fit under the majority of seats
  • Sturdy enclosure
  • Powerful 800 Watts
  • Ten RCA cables included. RCA cables
  • Compliant to CEA-2006
  • Protection for reverse and thermal polarity
  • Many options for audio customization
  • Auto switch off and on


  • There’s some distortion when you play at high volume
  • Outputs are lower than other models.
  • Overheats following several hours of usage

Kenwood KSC-SW11 Enclosed Subwoofer – Best for Bass

Kenwood KSC-SW11 Enclosed Subwoofer – Best under seat subwoofer for Bass

The KSC-SW11 powered subwoofer is small enough to fit under a car seat or any other place with a limited amount of space. The sub comes with a built-in amp that produces up to 150W peak and 75W RMS power and an oval woofer housed inside a small, robust enclosure.

The remote control with wired connections provides fingertip control of low frequencies, the ability to adjust the crossover point and volume, and change direction from 0° to 180 degrees. In addition, it is possible to mount the sub in various ways to mount it to the end of the sides.

Also, it has some impressive quality of construction. The whole unit is constructed from aluminum that is designed to absorb heat from extended usage. Plus, the front metal grille shields the diaphragm to ensure a longer lifespan.


  • A significant bass capacity
  • Plug-and-play is a feature included.
  • Instructions for installation that are clear
  • Affordable
  • It takes up a small amount of space
  • Durable


  • There isn’t any low bass
  • More sensitive to some tracks
  • Not particularly strong

Lanzar Low Profile Subwoofer – Best Option for Maximum Power

Lanzar Low Profile Subwoofer – Best under seat subwoofer for Maximum Power

The Lanzar 1000w subwoofer can provide up to 1000W of maximum power, making audio loud and clear. It is designed to bring high-quality audio to listeners and not make the passengers bored during long journeys.

This powerful subwoofer doesn’t take up space underneath the seat so that you don’t get forced to adjust or harm your equipment components because of space restrictions. It has been incorporated in the circuits to protect against shorts, overloads, and thermal response. In addition, it provides the highest security measures that can handle any unexpected incidents.

Make sure you have nickel-plated RCA speaker connections. These terminals will provide a significant link between the amps and the speakers so that they’re all ready to function in any circumstances while keeping track of all the bumps and jerks.

It has the capacity of 100 watts; it will give you the top audio quality and buffer with 1000 watts of maximum power to smack down the bass every time. Therefore, increase the volume up to a higher level, and you will be able to hear it working to give you the quality of audio you desire.

Its compact size allows it to be in the car seat without problems. However, you need to be proud of the main thing as it relates to the design and overall style of the Lanzar subwoofer. The fantastic addition of an option to keep it dry and, if it does draw water to the car, you can relax as it will not impact the subwoofer.


  • 1,000 watts of maximum compact subwoofer
  • 8 inches is not big enough and does not need much space
  • Nickel-plated RCA connectors
  • Waterproof design


  • The average quality of sound

Pioneer Subwoofer TS-SWX2502 Best Budget Option

Pioneer Subwoofer TS-SWX2502 - Best Budget Option

Even though this 10-inch subwoofer will not fit in most seating areas, There’s plenty to love about it, particularly those who want something a bit larger and more robust. This model features an oversized cone design that creates greater volume and a deeper, more powerful bass. Contrary to standard subwoofer connectors, the TSX-SWX2505 includes angled push connectors which allow connecting speaker wires to be effortless.

The unique enclosure design of the subwoofer allows for easy installation within the luggage area or cabin for maximum space use. The outside that surrounds the unit is covered with carpet to provide better scratch resistance. The built-in amplifier is easy to install for those new to the field as it doesn’t require the subwoofer and amp.


  • Carpeted, scratch-resistant enclosure surface
  • High-quality sound with crisp clarity
  • It is compatible with most automobiles.
  • Powerful in-built amplifier


  • The cone does not have a grille
  • The speaker vibrates too much at a specific frequency

Sound Storm LOPRO10 Amplified Subwoofer – Best Option Overall

Sound Storm LOPRO10 Amplified Subwoofer - Best under seat subwoofer

This is a powerful and affordable woofer from Sound Storm. The LOPRO10 amplified car subwoofer. It has incredible bass, as it achieved the highest or maximum power of 1,200 Watts. This isn’t something you’d encounter with subwoofers throughout the world.

Built-in amplifier connected to the latest technology of MOSFET power supply, the power supply can exceed expectations.

Created the low-pass filter for better performance and added it with the lower RCA inputs and higher-level speakers to ensure it operates perfectly even on older stereo sets. Check whether it can fulfill its pledge never to be broken.

Increase in the bass boost’s quality This function lets you adjust the volume of the boost to the level you prefer the subwoofer’s beat to.


  • Lower RCA inputs
  • 1,200 watts max power to power your audio system
  • Guards against shorts
  • Phase Control and Remote Subwoofer Control


  • Not too loud.

Rockville USS10 – Best Controls

Rockville USS10 – Best under seat subwoofer controls

A quality subwoofer must deliver a fantastic sound and let you modify the sound to your personal preferences. It’s the Rockville USS10 meets both conditions because it has impressive controls for adjustments to the sound.

The 10-inch slim car subwoofer has been designed to be a perfect fit because it’s just 2.9 inches thick, which means it will fit underneath the car seat in ideal alignment.

The 800-watt peak power makes it one of the most potent subwoofers we have reviewed. If you’re looking for the quality of bass, It not only delivers plenty of it but also includes an adjustable remote that allows users to adjust the volume easily.

Since the outputs and inputs are on the same side, the installation will be more accessible, and wiring will also be neater. This subwoofer comes in eight-inch dimensions for customers who would prefer something smaller.

While the directions that come with the subwoofer are slightly lacking, this is not an issue since even novices will be able to install it.


  • Simple sound adjustments
  • It perfectly fits under the car seat
  • Higher peak power
  • Remote control for the bass is included
  • Installation and wiring are clean and straightforward.


  • Looking for instructions

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 – Hardest Hitting Option

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 - Hardest Hitting Option

from under your seat in certain cars to trunks behind your pickup. The PWE-S8 has been built to fit in the majority of restricted space. The model comes with a tough cast-metal enclosure that can withstand all rough rides to last longer and protect devices. Its 120 watts of RMS power creates a bass that isn’t enough to rattle your windows.

The sub is equipped with an amplifier of Class D that has controls for phase, gain, and a low-pass crossover, which allows you to integrate the bass into the entire system. Accessible RCA lines and speaker level input makes the connection of this sub with any system simple. This sub comes with everything you’ll need to bring sound into rooms that aren’t equipped to create a boom.


  • Excellent low-frequency response Easy to hide
  • Great customer service
  • Independent remote volume control
  • Multiple connections options for connecting


  • The mounting brackets can make it appear more substantial
  • The cable leads are small
  • Poor amplification

Rockford Fosgate PS-8 – Best for Maximum Efficiency

Rockford Fosgate PS-8 – Best for Maximum Efficiency

The Rockford Fosgate PS-8 is built to maximize efficiency. It comes with a 150-watt amplifier, which guarantees efficiency and provides the highest quality sound.

Furthermore, the quality of the construction is better than similar models at this price. The entire front face of this woofer features an aluminum grille that shields it from elements from the outside and the enclosure built with a solid foundation.

It has a slim and compact appearance despite its robust construction. In addition, because it is an all-inclusive design, it is unnecessary to run many wiring since signal power, ground, and power are all you require to be running.

Also, suppose you want to alter your music to your preferences and make it more personal. In that case, you’ll love the Rockford Fosgate PS-8 offers a wide range of different outputs, as well as tune options, making it a flexible subwoofer.

This woofer features a simple connection system that allows you to connect and disengage input cables. This makes it exceedingly simple to set up and use for novices.


  • Effective with low heat and no distortion of sound
  • Durable enclosure constructed from industrial-grade vinyl
  • Many audio enhancements in the back
  • Reverse Polarity and thermal protection circuits


  • A bit pricey

Things to Consider Before Buying Under Seat Subs

Like any other item, you must be aware of a checklist of factors before making a significant purchase. Once you’ve chosen the type of subwoofer that you wish to buy, comparing a few factors can aid in the process of deciding. We are going to steer you through the most crucial aspects to consider when purchasing this item.

Here are a few points you should be concerned about when purchasing subwoofers for under seat use:


First, it is crucial to think about how much power as well as wattage you can get from the subwoofer you’re planning to purchase. Because bass demands a lot of energy, a higher wattage can provide this energy regardless of volume. When it concerns power, there are two factors to consider:

Power of RMS: which is a part of the overall power output in a moderate amount.

Power peak: which will be the loudest that your subwoofer can be.

It is advised to be more attentive to RMS and select an amplifier with a wide power range between RMS and peak RMS power while aiming for the maximum wattage your budget allows. When you follow this advice, you’ll be able to enjoy the crisp and clear sound, regardless of the volume of your music.

It is essential to make sure that your sub’s power is compatible with the capabilities of your amplifier. A high RMS value is useless in the event that your amplifier doesn’t match or exceed it. If there is an amplifier that you are using externally, however, ensure that they are compatible. The ideal is for the amplifier to be within 75 to 150 percent of the subwoofer’s power handling capabilities.

If you don’t, you’ll risk the distortion of sound – and even permanent subwoofer damage.


If you’re looking for a tidy installation and don’t wish to have audio wires apparent, you should utilize thin wires to make the connections. However, it is essential to note that only top-rated car subwoofers with low impedance can be used with small cables. A 2 Ohms subwoofer will always be better than a model with a higher impedance to make your installation more discrete for quiet installations.


One of the most significant factors to bear in mind is size; for that, you’ll be looking at your vehicle. Subwoofers for under seats generally are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 12 inches. The larger subs can be more challenging to put underneath your seat. This is the reason many opt to place them behind their seat.

Size affects performance. The larger the base unit, the greater the power it will handle, and a higher power handling capability means more excellent bass and volume. It’s no surprise that a larger sub is likely to be more expensive too. The size you pick will depend upon your financial budget, space in the car, and so on. There isn’t any proper or incorrect size since it is dependent on the particular situation.

Powered or Passive

Powered subwoofers typically have built-in amplifiers. This means you’ll ultimately save space without losing the power of the sound output. In addition, subwoofers powered by electricity are incredibly effective for mid-range frequencies since you don’t need to spend much time matching the amp and subwoofer characteristics.

Passive subwoofers tend to be fundamental units inside the enclosure. Therefore, you’ll need an external amplifier. In addition, the extreme bass requires more power to produce low-frequency sound.


A subwoofer with higher sensitivity will use less electrical power for moving the cone to produce sound. Thus, the woofers are thought to be more efficient in terms of power than the other models. Furthermore, as it uses less energy, it can last longer because the components are less hot and will last longer in time.

Ported or Sealed Enclosure

Ported subwoofers allow for the airflow to be accessible due to the openings inside the cabinet. On the other hand, subwoofers with sealed enclosures are closed cabinets that prevent the circulation of air. It is crucial to not overestimate the potential of an enclosure in terms of the overall sound quality. Subwoofers with ports can give you greater volume but don’t produce deep bass. If you’re after powerful bass with a stunning depth, sealed enclosures work best.

The Number of Voice Coils

The dual-voice coil subs is a specific option for those seeking flexibility in the wiring of their car’s audio systems. Although most subs have only one voice coil, DVC (dual voice coil) subs have two separate voice coils. Each has its own wiring, which is then placed in a single cone, after which it’s connected to a cone.

Frequency Range

Frequency usually refers to the variety of sounds your subwoofer will make and gives you an idea of the volume the subwoofer can play. It is generally recommended to look for a subwoofer at the lower portion of the frequency scale. It is much needed to keep in mind that enclosures will affect the frequency of the sound delivered to your ears so that the outcome will differ.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I install under seat subwoofer?

The majority of under seat subwoofers contain all of the critical components of a subsystem in one package. However, before installing your subwoofer, there are a few items you must do.

Find the appropriate spot to mount

It is essential to find the correct spot within your vehicle to install your sub. This is because the amp’s power will generate plenty of heat. Therefore you need to ensure that it has adequate ventilation. It is also recommended to place it in a place that isn’t difficult to reach.

Buy a wiring kit

Subwoofers powered by electricity don’t come with the necessary wiring, so make sure you purchase the proper wiring kit with all the wiring and fuses you require.

Disconnect your battery

To avoid shocks while installing, make sure to disconnect your batteries’ negative and positive terminals.

What is the best under seat subwoofer?

Rockville 10″ RW10CA is a high-quality low-profile, powered subwoofer that measures 10 inches. A fantastic blend of ratings for power and sensitiveness. It has a 20- to 150-Hz frequency range, with an added subsonic filter. It features an input system that is power-sensitive as well as additional electronic components onboard. The bass is powerful, but it blends in and balances the low-end as needed.

What size subwoofer fits best under the seat?

 Size is what you’ll be considering when it comes to your vehicle. Subwoofers for under seats are generally offered in sizes between 8-12 inches. The larger ones can be difficult to install under your seat. However, it depends on your vehicle, see how much space there is and then decide on the subwoofer.

Which seat do I put my subwoofer under?

You can mount a subwoofer either under the passenger seat or the driving seat. Placing the sub in the back seats, facing towards the back of the vehicle ensures that the bulk of the bass bounces off the hatch and moves to the front. This reduces the issue of phase and will improve bass response.


We have presented you with the eight best under seat subwoofers that you can put under the driver or passenger seats without having to look around for the room from the trunk or other places. While the standard speakers mounted on factory-fitted cars will perform the task, the addition of subwoofers is nothing less than an added benefit. For those who love the bass, this great collection of top under-seat subwoofers is the most-loved purchase they can make for their vehicle.